5 reasons why you should work out at home rather than at the gym due to time constraints

One of the most common reasons why your workouts fail is that you just can’t find the time to go to the gym. But why go to the gym at all when you can work out at home. Meanwhile, there are devices that allow you to work out at home just like in the gym. For example, there is the PAKAM Bag, in which the gym is conveniently stored in a backpack.


Below I have 5 tips on why they can make their workout time more effective by foregoing going to the gym.

1. No travel time

Going to the gym usually involves time. You can save that time by working out right from home. You don’t have to change clothes, pack a bag with fresh clothes and shower stuff, and of course, you don’t have to travel to the gym by car or public transportation, which comes with a cost.

2. No unnecessary waiting time

When you go to a gym, you consider beforehand what workout equipment you will use today. But as is often the case, one of those workout machines is currently occupied or in the worst case, broken. This either causes you to have to rethink your workout program or increases the waiting time between exercises. On the other hand, if you work out at home, you can prepare your exercise equipment so that you can complete your workout in one piece. You don’t have to wait, and if one of your machines is broken, you can think of another exercise in advance.

3. No distractions

In gyms, you often run the risk of getting involved in conversations that cost you unnecessary time. A proven remedy is to work out with headphones, but this doesn’t always help. Others try to avoid working out during peak hours, but this is only possible if they have the flexibility to take their time.

4. Use several machines at the same time

If you have limited time, use it wisely and work out multiple muscle groups at the same time. In most workouts, there is a short rest period of about 30 seconds between sets. However, you can use this rest time wisely by training different muscle groups at the same time. So, when putting together your workout, make sure that you don’t train the same muscle group one after the other. So, choose exercises from different body regions to shorten your workout time. For example, you can complete a set of band-backs and work your legs with the leg press, for example, during the actual rest period. However, this is a bit difficult to do in the gym. Firstly, they don’t like you to use multiple machines at the same time, and secondly, sometimes it is not even possible because the machines are located on the other side or floor of the gym, as the machines are usually arranged according to muscle groups.

5. The cost

The use of a gym is always associated with costs. In most gyms, it is necessary to take out a subscription for half a year or even a whole year. However, most of the time you do not go to the gym very regularly, there will be months when you go more often, but also months when you rarely find the time to go to the gym. But the price remains the same every month. However, if you buy some home gym equipment, you only have to shell out money once, which may be a little more expensive than a monthly subscription at first, but will pay for itself over time. For example, the PAKAMA Bag mentioned at the beginning costs €149. In this backpack are already 10 devices included, with which over 500 exercises are possible. In addition, they get a free month in the fitness app.

So why spend unnecessary money and time going to the gym, when they can also train from the comfort of their own home.


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