Alternate Remedies for Premature Grey Hair

Grey hair is actually hair that has no pigment and is the result of the melanocytes — the cells that produce pigment — becoming damaged or dyeing. Presence of grey hair is a moment of defining getting older. Earlier a grey strand would get visible in late 30s or early 40s. But, according to a new study that’s been made exclusively available to Life & Style, almost a third (32 per cent) of British women under the age of 30 have already started to go grey, and two-thirds of them blame it on stress. From society’s perspective, a woman with grey hair has reached the end of her reproductive life.

Premature greying of hair has led to the increasing use of hair colours and dyes. Some of these hair dyes used by millions of women contain chemicals linked to cancer, British scientists have warned. They say that both home hair colouring kits and the dyes used at expensive salons pose a potential risk to health. According to them, chemicals called secondary amines, which are either found in all permanent hair dyes or are formed in them, can penetrate the skin and stay on the hair for weeks, months or even years after the dye is applied. Over time, they could react with tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes, to form highly poisonous chemicals called N-nitrosamines, known to cause cancer.

This has left women with limited options- embrace the grey or opt for alternate remedies. More young mothers, professionals, and even runway models are opting to “go gray,” says Diana Jewell, author of Going Gray, Looking Great. “If you were young, vibrant, active, healthy pre-gray, you’re still going to be that way. It’s all in the attitude you bring to it,” Jewell says. “If you think of it as merely another color choice, you won’t be afraid of gray.”

Also, Sarah Harris a fashion feature writer for Vogue started to go grey when she was just 16. Now, aged 31, she’s adamant her silver locks are here to stay. ‘I’m proud of my silver hair — and it’s definitely silver, not grey, ’she says. ‘Grey sounds ageing. Silver is infinitely more glamorous — and besides, my hair is lighter and whiter than the ashen colour that “grey” suggests.’

If you are looking for other options Check out the Tips for the Management & Prevention of premature greying of hair.

  • The foremost among these is the use of Indian Gooseberries or amla which is valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth & hair pigmentation. The fruit cut into pieces should be dried, preferably in shade. These pieces should be boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. The darkish oil is very useful in preventing greying.
  • The water in which dried amla pieces are soaked overnight is also nourishing to the hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair. Massaging the scalp with a teaspoon of amla juice mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil or few drops of lime juice, every night has proved beneficial.
  • When curry leaves are boiled in coconut oil, the oil forms an excellent hair tonic to stimulate hair growth & bring back hair pigmentation.
  • Aloe Vera helps in healing the scalp, balances the ph level of the scalp and cleans the pores. A mixture of Aloe Vera gel with wheat germ oil and coconut milk promotes hair growth and hair color.
  • Jojoba oil being hypoallergenic promotes hair growth, hair coloring and regulates dandruff problems.
  • The butter made from cow’s milk has the property to prevent premature greying of hair. This can be massaged into the hair roots twice a week.
  • Ribbed gourd or torai, boiled in coconut oil is another effective remedy to prevent premature greying of hair. Pieces of this vegetables should be dried in the shade.
  • These dried pieces should be soaked in coconut oil & kept aside for 3-4 days. The oil should be boiled till the solid is reduced to the blackened residue. This oil should be massaged into the scalp. It will help enrich the hair roots & restore pigment to the hair.
  • Application of Heena is another option who like the red tone in their hair.
  • Ingesting vitamin B12, iron, copper and iodine, all important nutrients, help prevent premature graying. Meat and dairy products contain rich sources of vitamin B12, making strict vegans vulnerable to deficiencies.
  • Eating a nutritious and balanced diet of dark leafy vegetables, cereals, dairy, red meat, chicken, seafood and whole grains can help maintain healthy hair and delay the greying process.
  • Protect the hair from external pollutants in order to prevent premature greying of hair. Cover the head with a head cap or a piece of cloth while you go outdoors. By doing so the pollutants and dirt can be avoided from entering into the hair and scalp and thus can to some extent help in controlling the greying of hair.

Take good care of your hair to prevent all the hassle of colouring and dyeing.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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