The Good Feet Store Reviews: What is a Store Visit Really Like?

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Did you know 25% of Americans report having foot pain, and the statistic for those with body pain is even higher? Pain should always be evaluated by a doctor, but many find relief using over-the-counter products. One of these options is arch supports or orthotics, which are small devices that are placed into shoes to provide additional support. 

But with so many options, how do you choose the right arch support for you?

The Good Feet Store is an industry-leading retailer offering premium arch support solutions designed to reduce foot pain and relieve its symptoms. The company offers a personalized, free fitting to every customer, where they can try on the arch supports and walk around in hopes of making the selection process easier. 

To put this to the test, we sent in our “secret shopper.” After just one consultation, she walked away feeling pleasantly surprised with the experience. It was evident to her that The Good Feet Store is dedicated to unwavering customer service.

Below is the full review of our secret shopper’s first-hand account of her experience.

Personalized fitting

The Good Feet Store likes to talk about how important a personalized arch support fitting is and so many Good Feet Store reviews rave about how easy and rewarding this process truly is. Our secret shopper echoed these sentiments, highlighting some key items below.

  • Professional touch – She was served by Chris, an Arch Support Specialist. Every Good Feet Store employee is professionally trained. In addition to being kind and helpful, these specialists will collect and evaluate personal information to find the right insert that matches your needs.
  • Individual analysis – Chris asked questions about her lifestyle, activity level, and overall health requirements. He then conducted foot measurements and asked her to perform a balance test. He took samples of our secret shopper’s footsteps and explained the science behind their products. Using all of this data, the specialist then showed her specific products that fit her individual needs. It’s a level of thoughtfulness and attention that is often rare, even at other specialty stores.
  • Risk-free assessment – Most importantly, there is no obligation. Chris presented our secret shopper with arch support inserts. She was free to try them out, taking a stroll around the store. While the arch supports felt incredible, she decided to think about it further. Chris provided her printouts of the estimate and didn’t pressure her to buy anything today.

Knowledgeable, friendly staff

According to our secret shopper, Chris was engaging from the moment she stepped through the store. She was instantly greeted and invited inside. Chris helped her fill out a profile and he reviewed the information. The entire process was cheerful, relaxing, and non-invasive. Chris demonstrated his knowledge and expertise without being demanding or pushy. Better yet, he added “freebies and extras” to the secret shopper’s order and encouraged her to come back in the future.

Clean, inviting environment

All this took place in a clean, welcoming store. Our secret shopper appreciated how well-maintained this area was. When trying on the inserts, there was enough room to wander around the store and still practice safe social distancing.

Superior product

Good Feet Store offers an outstanding personalized experience, but they also produce a superior product. Most arch inserts support only one arch. By comparison, The Good Feet Store Arch Supports are designed to reduce and eliminate pain in all four arches of the foot. The Good Feet Store has a proprietary system of three pairs of personally-fit arch inserts. Our secret shopper breaks down these supports and the benefits of each.

  • Strengthener – As the name implies, this works to exercise the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the feet, repositioning them for optimal alignment.
  • Maintainer – The Maintainer builds on this infrastructure, constructed to keep each foot in its proper place.
  • Relaxer – This grants gentle freedom and rest from this alignment work. When worn together as a complete system, foot, knee, hip, and back pain are alleviated. The secret shopper was impressed at how immediately relieved and pain-free she felt while using these.

Other positive Good Feet Store reviews

Luckily, this experience is not unique to our secret shopper. She isn’t alone in her championing of the brand and its customer service. The Good Feet Store reviews are off the charts. Here is just a sampling of other satisfied customers.

  • On fitting process – From Buford, a reviewer was especially complimentary of these personalized fittings. He praised his Arch Support Specialist, Brian, for detailing the procedure from start to finish, while showing that he “genuinely cares” along with a “vibrant personality.”
  • On no-obligation service – A customer in Tampa found the service to be “friendly, patient, and very respectful.” The reviewer went on to say they went through several different products until they found one that was comfortable. They appreciated that the sales representative “did not try to put me into anything that was not right for me.” The specialist’s only concern was “in making sure I had the correct fitting product instead of pushing for a quick sale.”
  • On finding relief – In a lengthy post, an Arlington reviewer discussed problems with working out and even walking comfortably. Now a repeat customer, they highly recommend the “inviting experience” that left them feeling “significant relief from knee pain.”

Experience unmatched comfort for yourself

Our secret shopper rated Good Feet Store as a “5 out of 5” for both customer service and experience. But, don’t take her word for it. This is personalized care you must experience on your own, especially if you experience foot or body pain. Treat yourself.

Whether it’s everyday chores or big adventures, you deserve to not be in pain. Listen to the advice of our secret shopper and numerous other The Good Feet Store reviews. Take the first step in your self-care journey. Walk into one of The Good Feet Store’s worldwide retail stores today.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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