Running Gadgets: How The Latest Technology Can Help Your Running

Running is one of the oldest and most instinctive forms of exercise around – just put one foot in front of the other, rinse and repeat in quick succession.

Our Team has put together a list of all the best-running gadgets & accessories that will transform you into a lean, mean running machine.

Fitbit Inspire 2

This easy-to-wear fitness tracker comes with a touchscreen as well as a back button to scroll back. It has a very comfortable watch strap and a lot of great options.

I love its always-on touchscreen that will flip on the second I turn my wrist. And as you scroll through the screen you can see different options including a heart rate monitor. It can also track your calories, your distance. Although it doesn’t have GPS onboard, it does work with your phone’s GPS to track your overall distance. I love how I can challenge myself to finish a certain distance that’s way better than yesterday

Sylvie Coleman

Whoop 4.0

Whoop has been around for a while, but each time they update their product it just gets better and better. Whoop functions like a membership plan that gives you access to health insights and the ability to use the software to improve your performance. The heart monitor comes free with a yearly subscription cost of $288. The Whoop tracks bodily functions like heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep to help deduce whether you’re recovering well from a stressful day or a hard workout. If you haven’t slept well and have an erratic heart rate, the device can let you know that you’re likely not in the best shape for running and could use a day off.

Similarly, it can also let you know when you’re well-rested and ready to take on the world. These metrics can help athletes perform at their best when they’re feeling well, and ease back when they could use a little self-care. That makes it a great tool to use.

Visit: for more input

Better yet, Whoop is always updating their platform, and partnering with scientists to help make accurate assessments based on the information gathered by these wearable devices. Making evidence-based reports on how to perform your best is one of my favorite ways to use this tech

Kyle Risley, Founder & CEO of Lift Vault

The FITGAME Training Mask

The FITGAME training mask offers 24 breathing resistance levels that prepare you for extreme hikes or bucket-list mountain climbing adventures. Velcro allows size adjustment. It comes with two extra valves and a protective carry case. There are optional washers you can insert into the mask to increase intensity levels at a high range. This is the best mask to exercise proper breathing methods for extreme outdoor activities.


Where to Buy: Amazon

Lasso Performance Compression Socks

Lasso Socks are the evolution of what a sock can be. By combining cutting-edge ankle support with compression-based foot and arch support. A proprietary blend of poly fibers draws out moisture from the foot and improves the flow of air to keep the foot dry and comfortable. The HyperCompression™ sock technology helps keep muscles warm, reduces swelling, and increases circulatory blood flow.

Graduated 15-20mmHg compression in the socks gently pushes blood flow back up the leg, helping to prevent swelling and even varicose veins. Lasso’s patented foot and arch compression support delivers active joint security and reduces foot fatigue. Physicians and top trainers use Lasso as a daily ankle support tool to help top athletes stay healthy while they train and perform.

Materials: 62% Polyamide, 29% Tempcontrol™ Polyester, 9% Lycra Spandex

Thermosleeve by Hydragun

A compression sleeve, called the Thermosleeve, is ready to be launched in mid-January 2022. The Thermosleeve is a 360-degree compression sleeve that helps with recovery and pain relief.

You can wear it as a sleeve, or as a heat/cold compression. Pop it into the microwave or freezer and use it after. The Thermosleeve contains no liquids, providing a mess-free, reusable and versatile experience.

Price: SGD, AUD, CAD – $69 USD – $49 GBP – 45
Available at:


Smart insoles that reveal a huge array of info about your footstrike

The NURVV Run are smart insoles founded by Jason and Ulrica Roberts that showcase a huge array of data concerning your footstrike. The amount of information that you get is quite extensive and the application gives you coaching guidelines as well.

The advice is tailored particularly to your requirements and is dedicated to helping you improve the output you get from running. The information is gathered directly from your feet every time they hit the ground. You get access to the level of pronation, step length, cadence along with your speed, time and distance. To wrap it all up, you get access to a wealth of information with mentorship advice. This includes advice to assist you in running more safely and efficiently and reduce your risk of injury.

You’ll need to update the trackers’ firmware before you begin, which can take a few minutes, but once it’s set up you can start logging data any time by simply tapping ‘Start a run’ in the NURVV app.
Price: $278.98.

Studio Buds

These incredibly tiny earbuds have a surprisingly big sound coming from Beats. They deliver powerful, balanced sound. You can control your sound with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode. It has three soft eartip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal. Up to 8 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with a pocket-sized charging case). The IPX4-rated sweat and water-resistant wireless earbuds

The buds have tactile buttons that require a light press to pause or skip tracks, as well as active noise cancellation and transparency modes that you can toggle on and off without taking out your phone.
Price: $149.95, Available at:

Lucyd smart glasses

They are Bluetooth glasses – allowing you to listen to music, take calls, hook up your fitness apps and watches – all with touch controls. They come with polarized lens, coloured lens and you can even have your prescription lens fitted

I have a prescription, so I use mine day to day for work, then can still use them on the golf course and walking my dog!

Laura, Jellybean Agency Ltd

One of the key benefits of these glasses, opposed to using Bluetooth headphones, is that they use air conduction which means you’re still aware of your surroundings and other noise.
Starting From $149
Available on: &


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