Pro Water Skier Whitney McClintock Rini on Her Pregnancy & Motherhood

Whitney McClintock Rini is a Canadian water skier from Cambridge, Ontario. McClintock is a nine-time world champion. McClintock has also won thirteen Pan American Games medals (four gold and seven silver). She gave birth to a baby boy a year back named, Zane and is married to Matt Rini, who is a Waterski coach.

In this interview, Whitney Mini shares her journey on pregnancy, her fitness routine during pregnancy, and after childbirth finally returning to winning water-skiing with her little one. This interview is especially to encourage sportswomen to opt for motherhood.

In the words of Whitney “Pregnancy is the most miraculous, terrifying, and beautiful experience in life. Motherhood is the most exhausting, rewarding, heart exploding, and overwhelming lovely gift I could have ever been given.”

Women Fitness caught in touch with Eight-time world champion in water skiing Whitney McClintock Rinni talk about her Pregnancy, Motherhood, and returning back to sports.

I skied 6 weeks after giving birth!

Namita Nayyar:

Being a 9 times world champion in waterskiing what made you decide it was time for planning a baby?

Whitney McClintock Rini

I had the goal of winning the World Overall title in 2019 as a mental marker to give myself permission to retire from jumping (which is the most dangerous event in my sport) so I could have a baby. I had been trying to win another World Overall title since I first won. This was great motivation to give me a date to accomplish my goal by. I had one of the best jump rounds of my life in the finals at the 2019 World Championships in Malaysia and I was able to win the individual ladies overall (the combination of the 3 events in waterskiing) AND lead my team to gold as well!

I knew my last jump was enough, I threw my fist in the air in celebration- and THAT was the last jump of my life! I started trying to get pregnant later that same month. =)

Namita Nayyar:

Many sportswomen find it hard to decide when is the right time? Any tips on how to make a call.

Whitney McClintock Rini

I can see how an entire lifetime in sport can pass without being able to commit to starting a family. For me, I had to give myself a timeline that I felt comfortable with- and then commit to it. Thankfully for me, I was able to accomplish my goal and I felt no urge to go against my decision. Ultimately, every woman must decide what timing is best for her. Honestly, it seems so scary to put your sport on hold and basically induce an injury. But, being a Mom has radically put my sport into perspective for me.

Until the day my son was born, I thought waterskiing was THE most important thing in this life… I was so wrong! In shifting my mindset, I have been able to enjoy traveling with my son, enjoy training, and competing for more than I ever have; and I just had my best professional season in 10 years! Mom power!

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