The Female Guide to Getting Lean and Toned Bodies

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The fashion industry has portrayed the slender, skinny female body as the ideal body for women. However, in the real world, a slim body is not always the goal. Most women desire to have a body that’s lean and well-toned, but that takes quite some effort.

If you are looking to achieve that toned and lean body every woman craves, worry not as here are some tips to help you.

Take advantage of sports nutrition supplements

There is no shortcut to getting a finely toned and lean body. You have to engage in some strength workouts and eat healthily.

Besides having healthy and balanced meals, taking supplements designed for the body that’s working out can help enhance the effectiveness of your workout.

Over time creatine monohydrate has made its name as one of the top bodybuilding supplements. It is known to enhance muscle growth and increased endurance during workouts. However, supplementation with creatine nitrate can give you more power and velocity because it offers better solubility and efficacy than regular creatine monohydrates.

Your diet matters

There is a general misconception that getting a lean body is all about eating less. While the amounts may matter, it is not always about the quantities but the quality of what you eat. The number one tip for eating healthy is ensuring you eat clean. Put simply, consume foods in their most natural state.

Go for foods rich in proteins suitable for building muscles while ensuring that you take in the right amounts of carbs, vegetables, and fiber. Generally, a female workout diet is more like the male workout diet, only that the calorie intake for females may be lower than that of males.

Resistance training

To many females, the term resistance training brings to mind bulking up. But this is not always true. If you have noticed some bulking up after resistance training, it’s most likely a result of a poor diet.

You may gain a little lean mass through resistance training. But it should not be much as to cause you to outgrow your pants.

To get a well-toned body getting three days of strength training should be your aim. It would also help to focus more on exercises that work multiple muscles simultaneously instead of single movement lifts.

Resistance training helps improve your muscle strength and tone, posture, reduced body fat, decreased risk of injury, boosted metabolism, among others. If you follow your dietary guidelines engaging in resistance training should effectively achieve a more petite, leaner, and more appealing body.

Go moderate on Cardio exercises

While cardio exercises are effective in helping you achieve a finely tuned body, going overboard with the same can have a negative effect. For an average person, 30-45 minutes long sessions of high-intensity workouts can be too much.

It causes the body to become catabolic, which explains why a person will engage in high-intensity training for a long period and gain little to no benefits. This is because, at this stage, your body starts burning muscle for energy instead of fats or foods consumed.

Instead of those long high-intensity workouts sessions, you can break them up into 30 seconds sessions of high and low-intensity sessions in an alternating cycle.

Final thoughts

While the guidelines mentioned above are quite generic, they are highly effective and are an excellent place to start if you intend to achieve a well-toned and lean body. However, it is essential to understand that none of the tips above will be effective on its own, so you have to maintain a healthy balance of all guidelines to succeed.


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