What to Wear on a Morning Run

Running in the morning is one of the ways that can help people who struggle with building a workout habit. Starting a day with a run helps one get a sense of satisfaction and gives them enough energy to tackle any other activities of the day. In addition, it has been proven that people who run in the morning are healthy compared to those that do not run at all.

Even though running any time of the day is good, those that engage in a morning run benefit from getting a night of deep sleep, having good appetite control, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress. These are health benefits that contribute a lot to the kind of life one is going to have, and how long they are going to live.

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That notwithstanding, do you know what you should wear when having a morning run? Some people, especially those starting to have morning runs, struggle with getting the right clothes for their runs. One thing they should note is that the right clothes are quite cheap and should therefore not be discouraged from having their morning runs. Here is a list of what one should have for a morning run.

Running Shoes

Getting started with a morning run requires one to get a good pair of shoes that fits their requirements. This is very important when it comes to avoiding injuries since most running injuries are caused by the wrong type of running shoes.

When getting your running shoes, make sure that you do not choose a pair of shoes due to their price, color, style, or brand. Being comfortable with your morning run does not mean that you get the most expensive pair of shoes. Make sure that you visit running experts who can evaluate your running style and the type of feet you have then recommend the right running shoes for you.

Running Hat

A running hat is important for every runner. Some runners feel naked when running without one. However, there are those that feel weighed down when running with it. That notwithstanding, when starting out with a morning run, you need to make sure that you have a few of the best running hats.

Runners with long hair can use a running hat to keep their hair from locking in heat. It also helps the hair to dry within a short period of time away from their bodies. In addition, a hat helps to shield the scalp and the head from the sun, protects the runner from dust and wind, and keeps their eyes clear when running in the rain.

Running Sport Watch

Even though some people might not want to time their runs, it is very important for beginners in order for them to evaluate their performance every day. A running sport watch also helps when using GPS to track your routes and to make sure that you stay on the pace when engaging in races. If you do not have enough budget for a smartwatch, you can get a simple watch with a start and stop button to measure run intervals and time your morning runs.


Most people do not like running with their phones. However, it is quite important, especially for beginners. They can use the phone for emergencies and to take pictures along their running route. In addition, a runner can install fitness apps that measure a number of things such as their heartbeat rate and the number of steps they make when running, among others. They can even listen to music to make sure that they are not distracted during the run. To make sure that the phone is safe, runners can get an armband carrier, a belt, or even running clothes with pockets.

Finally, it is important to make sure that you get waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, a running belt to help keep your hands free when running, and the right running clothes that fit you well. It is also important to avoid sweatpants and any other clothing that is 100% cotton.


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