Wedding Colors Trends for 2021

The wedding industry has seen a variety of color trends throughout the years. According to Wedgewood Weddings started by the Zaruka family “While pastel hues like blush and soft blue are timeless, we’re swooning over the latest color trends for 2022.”

From the resurgence of vintage metallics to the moody feel of deep grays and blues, check out the color palettes for the upcoming wedding season as released by them.

Wedding Trends for 2021

Warm Earthy Tones

earthy tones

Warm natural hues are in – with colors like burnt sienna and marigold yellow popping up in tablescapes and on bridesmaid dresses. These warm tones are super versatile and can be used for whichever season you plan to host your wedding. A summer wedding lends itself well to sunflowers and yellow hues, while an autumn wedding is perfect for earthy rust tones. You can pair it with other vivid hues, like magenta and turquoise if you’re having a beach wedding, or use it as an accent color for an earthy, neutral palette.

Vintage Metallics


Metallics make for great accent colors in various vintage themes. Gold and midnight blue pair well for mid-century modern styles, while copper looks absolutely stunning against teal or sage. Metallics can easy to incorporate throughout the wedding by opting for metallic chairs, table sliders. When it comes to centerpieces, candle holders, vases, and vintage bottles can be spray-painted with metallic paint in high gloss or matte to add a shimmer to your table setting.

Sand & Tans

Muted sand and tan tones are growing in popularity – particularly when it comes to wedding dresses. Many couples are looking for wedding colors that evoke a calming, chic vibe, and neutrals perfectly fit the bill. Tan hues are a perfect alternative for brides who are opting for a non-white dress but still want a gown in a subdued color. Sand and tans are also a popular option for summer and beach weddings – lending to a more casual, laid-back mood.

Dark & Moody


From deep blues and smokey greys to midnight black, dark hues are all the rage for romantic evening weddings. Dark hues also set the backdrop perfectly for jazz, Old Hollywood, and art deco-themed weddings. Blue is the most popular color for the Grooms suit, as it’s easy to get hold of, looks really chic but also suits most skin tones and hair colors.

Vibrant Jewel Tones

Without a doubt, deep, vibrant jewel tones bring a burst of color to a wedding. The latest jewel-tone color trend is having each of your bridesmaids in a different hue to match their unique personalities. Colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst are showing up in various wedding elements – from decor and bridesmaid dresses to centerpieces and flower arrangements. Similar to earthy hues, jewel tones are diverse in that they can complement any season.


This color has never really gone out of style. But this traditional colorway is seeing a resurgence – making it one of the hottest wedding color trends for 2021. This soft blue hue is reminiscent of the French countryside – making it an ideal accent color for a springtime wedding.

Picture how each theme will look as a whole before making a decision, consider your overall style, and, most importantly, imagine it at your venue.

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