Javelin Thrower Maria Andrejczyk’s Favorite Exercises to Build a Strong Upper Body

Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk is a Polish track and field athlete in javelin throw. This year she won the silver medal at Tokyo Olympics with a best attempt of 64.61m in the women’s javelin throw final on August 6.

maria  Magdalena

She announced on Facebook her willingness to sell her medal and put the proceeds toward an operation for 8-month-old Miloszek Malysa, the boy is under home hospice care and requires an urgent operation in the United States. A supermarket chain — Zabka — won the auction by placing a bid of USD 125,000. However, after the close of the auction, Zabka had a grand gesture of its own as it said it would let Andrejczyk keep the medal.

In 2019, Maria Andrejczyk underwent surgery after being diagnosed with an osteoma, a benign bone tumour. However, she recovered and got her first Olympic medal in Tokyo.

Favorite Exercises to Build Upper Body Strength by Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk

In her interview with Women Fitness before Tokyo Olympics, Maria revealed her favorite exercises that are a must for building a strong upper body “I think the best is to work with your body weight-

  • push-ups- classic or in hand stand,
  • pull-up on a stick in various combinations
  • hand stand, etc.

It improves your inherent strength very efficiently.”

She further added “I also like do some exercises with an Olympic barbell (20 kg)-

  • bench press
  • snatch
  • jerks

It helps me to maintain all the work and to increase my strength level.”

Speaking about her breakfast “I usually eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes, chives and whole grain bread with avocado paste or when I want eat something sweet I prepare omelette with cottage cheese and berries or oats with yogurt and fruits. About being fueled on training- I don’t need much- a bottle of water and fruity or chocolate bar it’s all. I’m kind of person who has lots of energy and my organism is able to endure very tough workouts.”

To learn more check out her complete interview at https://www.womenfitness.net/maria-andrejczyk/.


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