Brandy Gordon Gets Her Followers Beach Body Ready with “Brandy Theory”

With summer well upon us, people around the world are emerging out of their covid-19 induced hibernation period and onto the beach. Still, with such lethargy stemming from being kept indoors for more than a year, getting that svelte summertime physique feels difficult now more than ever for many people. Luckily, fitness aficionado and model Brandy Gordon has arrived on the scene to make working out at home easier than ever before thanks to her innovative social media venture “Brandy Theory,” helping her nearly half a million followers gain the courage to don a bathing suit.

brandy theory

“I think a lot of people don’t even know what workouts they should be doing,” said Gordon, aiming to simplify and streamline the workout process for everyone.

Inspired by the strong following on her main Instagram, Gordon decided to open another account for Brandy Theory, providing a quick fitness solution for her hundreds of thousands of followers to take part in. Here, the beauty posts a ton of model-approved workout regimens such as “Sexy Back Toner” and “8-minute Obliques” that Gordon learned over her near-decade working in the fashion industry, sharing this insider knowledge with her public audience.

Gordon likewise posts a ton of nutritional tips and other wellbeing advice on her comprehensive blog, believing personal wellness is so much more than just hitting the gym. And for those more visually inclined, the multi-talented model also hosts extensive Brandy Theory videos on her new YouTube channel, a form of media she’d always hoped to explore and now gets to follow through on.

With such an enviable silhouette herself, it’s no shock that thousands and thousands of people have tuned in to watch Gordon’s detailed workout regimens, as the proof of their effectiveness is apparent from one look at her stunning modeling pictures. While the summer continues to heat up, Brandy Theory will no doubt continue to be a massive success in assisting people worldwide to feel good about themselves and start hitting the beach with full confidence.


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