10 Essential Tips for Running in Warm Weather

There’s nothing as refreshing as a good run. Well, that is if you’re a runner. Otherwise, a hard run might leave you panting, wishing you were doing anything else in the world.

But the summer months aren’t so easy for the everyday runners out there. That midday summer heat can be brutal on the body, making it feel as if your lungs have shrunk and your quads have seized up. Even the most advanced runners will find themselves hitting the wall during a summer workout.

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So how do you keep your cool while still enjoying a run? It only requires a little preparation. Whether you decide to carry water with you, pre-wet your clothes or wear medical alert jewelry, you can stay safe while running in warm weather. 

1.      Hydrate the night before

You’re going to be sweating a lot with the weather. Make sure you have enough water in your body before you sweat all of it out.

Double your water intake with dinner the night before, and make sure to double your water intake the morning of. You’re probably going to use the bathroom more than you’re used to, but it’s better to ensure you’re hydrated rather than simply taking your chances and running the risk of heat stroke.

2.     Eat some salt

Your doctor has never told you to eat more salt, so why are we? There’s a benefit to eating salt the night before an especially hot day or strenuous workout. The hot weather causes our bodies to sweat more than normal while running.

The problem is that excessive sweating depletes us of sodium, which is essential for electrolytes. So load up on the salt the night before, morning of and during your workouts to avoid hitting that wall and experiencing severe fatigue.

3.     Wear proper clothing

The right clothing goes a long way while running in hot weather. But what does the right clothing look like? Depending on your environment, it can look like short-shorts and a singlet to mid-length shorts, a long-sleeve shirt and a hat. Whatever you wear, it’s essential that the clothing is made of moisture-wicking material, a porous cloth that is breathable and keeps sweat off the body while reducing chafing.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to wear your medical ID bracelet when the temps get especially high. You never know how you’ll react on any given day, and you don’t want to be left without any identification if you get sick or pass out. An Apple watch medical alert band makes it easy to carry your medical ID on your run without it weighing you down along the way.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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