Top five COVID-beating Creative Activities for Women in 2021

Covid-19 activities

The pandemic has changed day-to-day life immeasurably since its devastating arrival in 2020. Many professional and recreational activities that may have been taken for granted before COVID-19 are no longer accessible to the vast majority of the global population. Team sports, office life, and social hangouts are just a few of the activities that have become nigh-on impossible to experience in person.

Thankfully, there are still a number of ways you can enjoy creative pursuits, despite the heavy restrictions in place from region to region.

Here are our five favourite COVID-beating activities to enjoy in 2021.

  1. DJing

It’s been a tough year for even the most famous venues and clubs. With many forced to close their doors indefinitely, the ability to see world-renowned DJs perform live has been sorely missed. Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or simply want to recreate the club experience, there are a plethora of DJ studios available to you. We’d recommend checking out these DJ studios in locations across the UK, US and Germany.

  1. Dance and performing arts

Mental health is paramount in this day and age, and the benefits of physical movement toward maintaining a positive mind have been proven time and time again. Many established dance schools and spaces have suffered closure as a result of pandemic restrictions, though fortunately there are still dance studios available to those who want to get active with friends.

  1. Making music

Being able to find the time and the space to create music during times of lockdown has become increasingly difficult over the last year. However, a number of music studios have been specifically designed to offer world-class facilities and equipment whilst also providing an experience that keeps contact with others to a minimum.’s recording studios, for instance, are completely self-service. Hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and more provided to ensure your visit is as COVID-secure as possible. What’s more, the music studios provide a condenser microphone, a MIDI keyboard, active monitors, an audio interface, and acoustic treatment to help kickstart your creativity.

  1. Podcasting

Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with services such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts giving voices and stories around the world the platform to reach vast audiences. Creating your own podcast may seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t had any experience, but it really couldn’t be easier with the right equipment and a suitable space to do so. Check out these podcast studios bookable by the hour, and kitted out with the easy-to-use RØDECaster Pro unit for podcast recording.

  1. Drumming

All world-class drummers started with two sticks and no experience whatsoever. Although drums are often an integral component of bands and solo artists, the art of drumming is a solo rite of passage. These days, you can pop into a drum practice studio on your own and make as much noise as you can without needing to get a group of your friends together. Look out for a drum practice studio near you.


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