10 In-Home Body Weight Exercises for Amazing Results!

GET LEANSCULAR! – Lean and muscular at home!

By Linzi Martinez

Body weight can even be more effective than any weights or any machines! When training with your own bodyweight you tend to lift more weight than you would with free weights and even better, this type of training always utilizes more than one muscle group at a time meaning that you get a much more effective and intense workout in less time! Add weights for the super challenge when ready and BOOM you’re on the fast track to shredding!

Linzi Martnez, a well-known celebrity personal trainer and nutritional therapist, she shares her top 10 favourite. 

LOWER BODY – 5 amazing exercises!

Rev up your metabolism and take off a layer everywhere with these amazing lower body exercises! They engage the largest muscle groups… your quads and gluts making you a FAT BURNING MACHINE!

TARGET: Legs, gluts, hamstrings


  • Body perpendicular to the ground always
  • Chest up
  • 90 degrees on both legs is the goal
  • Hands on waist
  • Spot an object for balance
  • Count out loud.

Exercise #1: Lunge Forward/Back


Reps: 20 on each leg to 90 degrees for 20 slow reps!

TARGET: Legs, gluts, hamstrings

  • Challenge: Try Lunge walking! Start with 25 and add 10 every other day!
  • Super Challenge: Add weights to your lunges! Start with 5lbs!

Exercise #2: Squats


Squat down to 90 degrees hold for 5 seconds for 20 slow reps!

  • Challenge: Try pulsing for 10 after your hold for each squat!
  • Super challenge: Add weights to your squats with bicep curls! Start with 5lbs!

Exercise #3: Curtsy Squats


Leg behind to opposite side, each leg for 20 slow reps!

  • Challenge: Try pulsing for 30 on each leg directly after each set!
  • Super Challenge: Add weights and triceps extensions with each rep! Start with 5lbs!

Exercise #4: Side Single Leg Lunges


Lean on your heel for a NORTHERN BOOTY! (booty is moving up!) 20 reps on each side!

  • Challenge: Try pulsing for 30 after each set!
  • Super Challenge: Add weights with a hammer curl! Start with 5lbs!

Exercise #5: Plie


for your inner thighs!

  • Challenge: Try alternating toes raises to firm you calve muscles!
  • Super Challenge: Add weights with an upright row leading with your elbows! Start with 5lbs!

Exercise #6: Single Leg Hamstring Raises –


These are AMAZING for tightening the back of your legs! Dig you heel into the ground with your toes up! 20 on each leg 2x!

  • Challenge: Try pulsing after each set for 30 pulses
  • Super challenge: Add weight to your pelvis for the set and the reps!


Here is where your body weight works for you best by often lifting so much more than you would with free isolating weights! AMAZING! Watch your arms take on some serious shape!

TARGET: Pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), triceps


  • On Knees
  • Legs crossed
  • Body straight (no arching)
  • Head neutral
  • Count out loud

Exercise #7: 3 Position Push-ups

  • Wide arm position halfway down 20 slow reps!
  • Arms under shoulders position, elbows bend back towards toes, halfway down, 20 slow reps!
  • Hand over hand position, elbows out, halfway down, 20 slow reps! 
  • Challenge: Try all the way down for the first 5 and increase it by 5 until you get 20 reps all the way down!
  • Super Challenge: Try on your toes instead of your knees for the first five and add more as you get stronger!

Beautiful BACKS!

Exercise #8: Superman


Lie on floor, lift both your arms and your legs of the ground, and hold! 20 slow reps!

  • Challenge: Hold each rep for 10 seconds!
  • Super Challenge: Separate your upper body and lower body for the reps and then end on 20 together!


Why your core? Your abdominals are the opposing muscles to your back sharing the responsibility of keeping you upright! A strong core can relieve back pain and enhance your posture! A flat belly or a six pack is pretty nice too!

TARGET: Rectus Abdominis, Internal and external Obliques


  • Chin and nose always towards the sky,
  • Hands clasped behind back of head,
  • All the way up-halfway down, never touching the ground between reps!
  • Count out loud

Exercise #9: Crunch Holds


Knees bent, feet on the ground, booty tilted forward! for 20 slow reps… COME TO A COMPLETE STOP AT THE TOP!

  • Challenge: Try pulsing for 30 at the very top of your crunch!
  • Super Challenge: Try pulsing 10 pulses 10x then 9 pulses for 9x, 8 pulses 8x and so on! CRAZY FAST TRACK TO A SIX PACK!

Exercise # 10: Lower AB Leg Drops!


Tabletop and one leg straight as low as you can with your entire back on the ground on each leg for 20 slow reps! THESE ARE INSANE!

  • Challenge: Increase your reps by 10 as you get stronger!
  • Super challenge: Try getting your leg closer to the floor as your core gets stronger! Remember, your back   must remain on the ground!

Be sure to stretch after you exercises always!

About the Author:

Linzi Martnez is a well-known celebrity personal trainer and nutritional therapist. She is an award-winning television producer, host and actress and has been providing life changing information to her viewers, followers, and audience for over a decade. Linzi and her awarding winning health documentaries have been featured and seen on, ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, The Discovery Channel, Apple TV, FOX and more.

As a published author, Linzi’s expert advice column can be read monthly in the local South Florida Lifestyle Magazine and she has been featured in many magazines nationally.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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