Skinimalism: 2021’s Biggest Beauty Trend

The new wave of natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks where your real skin — texture, pores, blemishes, discoloration, and all — shines through is what Skinimalism is all about.


Followed by many last year and popularised by one & all, skinimalism is all about simplifying your skincare routine. It promotes embracing the skin’s natural texture and finding products that help it glow naturally. It’s about following a minimalistic skincare routine and taking it easy on the skin.

What Skinimalism Consists Of?

The three steps to a simplified skin routine.

Facial Yoga

Experts have seen a spike in the search for face yoga. It’s considered to be a fresh and effective approach towards skincare. It helps you attain a natural glow and release facial tension. Face yoga comprises of a series of toning and strengthening exercises for the muscles of your face.


Exercises include rolling the tongue to make vibrating sounds and exaggerated yawns to release the jaw muscles. It also involves laughing a lot out loud and blowing kisses. Relaxing your face is an important part of yoga because the face is an indicator of tension in the rest of the body.

Asanas for keeping one’s skin healthy and rejuvenating are Kapalbhatti, Pranayam, Sarvangasan, Shirsasan, Dhanurasan and Salabhasan.

Minimum and Natural Makeup

Using a minimum number of products to get clear, flawless skin and a natural flush of colour is the essence of skinimalsim. It’s more about using skin-friendly products with lightweight formulas that give sheer coverage that’s comfortable to the skin.

Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown shares an insight of her daily skin care & make-up routine in her interview with Women Fitness “I’m 63-years-old and I keep my daily skin care routine very simple. First, I’m not wearing a lot of makeup these days so that really helps. At night, I wash my face with either coconut oil or a natural cleanser.” She believes that following a regular wellness routine of drinking lots of water, eating well and incorporating good fats into your diet throughout the day makes a huge difference in the health of your skin. Which is so very true.

Homemade Skincare


This trend will not go anywhere even in 2021. While 2020 positioned skincare products as essentials, home remedies became the essence of skincare. Look for natural ingredients that suit your skin, and choose at-home skincare over harsh products.

Model Miranda Kerr‘s secret skin care weapon is, Rosehip oil, full of antioxidants and fatty acids and the fresh-faced angel credits her lack of stretch marks to frequent application throughout her pregnancy.

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