Couch to Corporate: 10 Outfits for WFH Schedule

Work from home (WFH) outfits are all about comfort and impeccable Zoom call style. With all that is going on like recording for podcast, video sessions for classes, the list is endless. But that does not mean that you spend the entire day (or week) in the same outfit.

Whatever you wear should make you feel comfortable, confident, and powerful. This will tie into your work!  

According to Leslie Shull, founder of Let’s All Flourish “Choose colors that complement your skin tone.  Bright colors tend to translate well over the computer. A dash of jewelry?  Sure!  If putting on earrings and a ring to spice up your outfit makes you feel good – it is not a waste of time, Same stands for make-up.”

Sleeveless Turtle Tank

Price: $86

Silk-soft and versatile, with the simplicity of biker shorts. According to Tamara Laine, CMO at A.Lynn Designs “this combo is easy to pair with a blazer for a conference call or sweater if the AC is too high.”

Rompers + Jumpsuits  

Try some soft cotton, casual jumpsuit that you may have worn out to a friendly hangout or on a beach day

An overshirt (or shirt dress)

A shirt dress is a one-piece clothing material that you can simply throw on, without having to worry about comfort.

Smart Silky joggers

Tracy, personal stylist, YouTube Influencer and QVC fashion presenter would opt for ones that have “flexible waistbands to feel like you are wearing yoga pants, even though you aren’t.” For a flattering shape, opt for elasticated waists that are flat and not gathered with extra fabric.

A Plain T-shirt

Wear tops in colors that suit your complexion. This will ensure that you look fabulous on Zoom calls during your workday.


There’s literally nothing wrong with tracksuit, it’s all-weather, all-activity, and all-celebrity look.

Loose-fitting Denim:

Try out a loose fit, crew neck tee with a wide-leg pair of jeans to work remotely. You can pair the tee with a pair of mom jeans or girlfriend jeans. You may also pair it with straight fit chinos


Rachel Ericson, editor of DenimBlog shares “Apart from being casual and comfortable, cardigans put in the right frame of mind for work. Try on either an open ribbed cardigan, a knit duster, high or low sleeved cardigans. You can go for a shawl with some comfy pants”

wide-leg palazzo pants with drawstrings or paperback pants.  

This full-length perfect outfit fits perfectly every time! Perfectly paired with a stylish shirt, blouse or tight jackets, short boots or high heels to show off your curves and show your body.


Lana Blanc, NYC based Personal Stylist says “The headband trend came at the perfect time and you should absolutely get on it (if you haven’t already)! Whether your hair is oily, or your roots are in dire need of a touch-up a headband is a quick and easy way to help you look (and feel) polished and professional.”

Choice of Footwear :

You can wear slippers if you want, but a comfortable loafer or slip-on sneaker will feel more chic, and then slipping into your real cozies at the end of the day will signal to your brain that the work day is over. Cocktail Sneakers’ collection of slip on and lace up silhouettes are as appropriate for boardrooms as they are elegant enough for after-hours activities and everything in between.

Personal Stylist, Missy adds “ I can tell you from personal experience, that you should always be prepared in case you need to stand up to deal with a random alarm, a pet getting into something, or a screaming child, and you don’t want to be caught in your skivvies or your sweatpants! That does not mean you have to put on a suit and heels just to sit on your couch. Still, you want to look and feel presentable and like your workday has started. Go with comfortable pants that are more professional than sweats.”

Avoid Wearing:

If you wear sweatpants, it is easy to get drawn into the lounging state and feel drowsy, resulting in less effective work.

Last night’s grubby PJs when the boss decides to check in unexpectedly.

Make sure your top does not blend into your background either, or else you end up looking like a floating head.

Afraid of wearing fitted garments because they show the bits you are not crazy about? Opt for printed fitted garments.  Print works wonders to disguise the parts you do not want exposed. Animal prints have been gracing high fashion runways for several years now and show no signs of stopping.


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