5 Steps for a Healthy Summer Season

By: Dr. Priya Khorana

Summer time is upon us and while we make plans (under new normal circumstances) with the rising excitement of being in social gatherings again we must not forget our nutrition and diet.

Here are five tips to help you maintain a healthy diet all season long, without feeling like you are missing out on summer fun.

Remember Your Fruits & Veggies:

Make these the centerpiece of your diet. The summer brings an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Make seasonal choices and load up on all summer classics likes berries, peaches, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes and an endless amount of greens. These can always be the main base of all your meals.

Keep it Light & Easy:

The last thing you want in the summer heat is bloating and indigestion from heavy foods. If you are choosing to be more active this summer, try to keep your meals light and easy on the digestive system. Something like grilled fish or chicken paired with fresh vegetables. As mentioned in the previous point, there will be a plethora of vegetables for you to discover and create new healthy meals.

Avoid Sugary Foods:

While there is nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while, try to stay away from processed sugars and stick to natural sweeteners. This is will also minimize the impact on your digestion.

Stay Hydrated:

Regardless of the season, it is important to stay hydrated. However in the summer with the warm weather and a more-than-usual active lifestyle, your body will need proper hydration. But this also means that you choose the liquids that you drink. Stick primarily to water as this will not add unnecessary calories and help with digestion.

Plan Ahead for Vacation:

If you are planning on a vacation this summer, planning ahead is key. Try to research restaurants and menus ahead of time to find healthy options and be aware of what is available to suit your dietary needs. If where you’re staying has a kitchen, this could be a great opportunity for you to create healthy meals for everyone to enjoy.

While summer time is a great opportunity to relax, unwind and leave the worries of the world behind; there should be no compromises when it comes to health. Eating healthy all year will not count if you go crazy at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Summer is full of activities that can wreak havoc on a healthy diet, but all challenges are easily overcome with a few tips a little planning.


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