Avoid Weight Gain While Working from Home

With our home becoming the new office things call for all sorts of adjustments – like how to be productive if the house is full of kids because schools are shut down. Weight gain is one serious issue of concern while working from home.

We need to
make sure that all the change in routine working from home shouldn’t derail our
good intentions.

Steps to Avoid Weight Gain When Working from Home

Create a Routine:

Plan when, what and how much you’re going to eat, and try to stick to it as best as possible. A set schedule will help tune out the cues that are part of weekend days, so you can be productive and not find yourself noshing all day and skipping physical activity.

Avoid the Kitchen for your Workspace

Find a spot to work, so you’re not constantly tempted to snack. Find a quiet area in your home away from the fridge to do your work. Visit the kitchen only when you plan to sit down and have a meal or snack – never eat standing up, typing or watching TV. Multi-tasking leads to eating more and enjoying it less.

Make Time for Movement:

Take a break each day to walk in your neighborhood, work out with equipment at home, put on some music and have a dance party with your kids or try an online yoga or fitness class. Do not sit longer than 60 minutes at a stretch. Set a timer and get up, walk around for 5 minutes and stretch. Stand while talking on the phone and take your dog for a walk during a break.

Start your day off Right.

Do not neglect a nutritious, filling breakfast in the morning like overnight oats. Additional a.m. ideas include fruit and vegetable smoothies, a breakfast burrito with eggs, spinach, tomatoes and cheese wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla or a whole-grain English muffin topped with peanut butter.

Plan your Snacks Ahead.

To avoid sugar munching keep a bowl of fruit handy in clear containers in the refrigerator – making the healthy choice an easy choice. Prepare additional snacks ready in the fridge, such as pre-cut vegetables like carrots, celery and bell peppers with hummus and mozzarella cheese sticks. Use a ¼-cup measuring cup to gauge a 1-ounce serving and adding to small plastic bags will help with portion control.

Aim for a Veggie-filled Lunch.

Plan a plant bowl with combination of brown rice, black beans seasoned with cumin and chili powder, canned corn, salsa and canned diced tomatoes.

Get in Touch with your Hunger Signals.

Try to connect with your emotional self to differentiate when you are truly hungry and not just bored, lonely, stressed or overwhelmed. If you’re not hungry drink a glass of water, take a short break, make a phone call, prioritize your to-do list or connect with your co-workers virtually.

Watch on Alcohol Consumption.

Do not drown yourself in booze in your free time. Only enjoy a glass of wine or beer with meals, rather than alone.

Do not Compromise on Sleep.

For some working from home might lead to getting even less sleep than when we must go to bed and get up to go to work. Watching late night movies and munching a packet of chips. Remember, not getting enough sleep can be a trigger for overeating or craving quick energy from sweets the next day as we struggle to stay focused, productive and motivated. Getting enough sleep is important for managing weight.


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