Looking Taller

Most women, no matter what their height want to look a little taller. There are a number of little tricks to make yourself appear taller. Check out ways to add an inch or two (atleast) inches to your height.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the extra fat around the belt, if any. Don’t use the excuse that it is middle age spread and that it is natural. Losing five to ten pounds will do good to your health besides giving you a taller appearance. While you are working off that extra ten pounds, pick up some new outfits that are not baggy.

Pay attention to your posture. Without our Mom’s constantly telling us to stand up straight, we tend to forget and for some reason, slouching simply feels comfortable. Unfortunately, it also makes you shorter than you actually are.

Dressing Tall

  • Opt to dress in the same color from head to toe. Choose a color that is dark and complements your skin tone. Dressing in black or navy is fine as long as the outfit is not tight. Even though black is slimming, if it worn tight it will show bumps that you would rather leave unnoticed. 
  • Wear high heels 2 to 21/2 inches to give you extra height. Don’t wear heels that are too high or you will look out of balance. 
  • Avoid wearing hats. Hats have a tendency to make you appear shorter.
  • When choosing a sweater avoid those of a bulky nature and opt for those that are thin. As well as bulky sweaters, fur coats or layers of clothes will also create the illusion of pounds and make you appear shorter.
  • Wear clothes that suit your body type and are form fitting. A lot of women believe that loose clothing will make them appear smaller but in reality it does just the opposite. Clothes that are tailored to fit your shape will have a much more slimming effect and will add height.
  • Wear clothes that have vertical lines, such as single-breasted jackets and avoid cropped pants and horizontal lines.
  • Chinese collar (closed neck) makes you look tall, but avoid it if you have broad shoulders
  • Try slim pants that follow your thighs and behind closely like chinos. Tuck shirts into pants for your legs to look longer. Avoid wearing wide belts. Wear belted jacket and tops you can clinch in.
  • Don’t wear skirts that are knee length, they will make your legs look short. Flat /wedge heels are best for you. Full length skirts will compliment your petite frame.
  • While choosing a swimming costume go for a plunging neckline which slims the torso while high-cut sides lengthen legs.


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