4 Tips for Everyone To Have Fun Working Out

4 Tips for Everyone To Have Fun Working Out

We all crave the benefits of exercising –the endorphins, the healthy sleep cycle, and the muscle tone. But sometimes hanging out with friends and a glass of wine just seems like more fun. I know I have dreaded working out at times, while at others, it’s a blast!

We’ve come a long way for women athletes , but there are still needs women tend to have in the sporting world. Between family and work, it’s important to make time for oneself and to make the most of that time.

This is why I sat down and strategized. I wanted to know what made a workout fun, comfortable, worthwhile, and exciting? After some note-taking, conversations with friends, and lots of sweaty hours of research, I have come up with four quick tips for having fun while you work out. This is one sure-fire way to keep up those healthy habits!

1. Learn While You Sweat

I realized I would sometimes get bored with repetitive motions. The class-leader or initial-rush were just not enough to sustain my long-term interest. Between work and family, I found myself wondering about all the things I could be doing afterwards…or instead of working out.

However, when I go to yoga class with the intention of deepening my progress, I find myself more committed, more present. I have also found this worked well when I switched from going to the gym, to learning how to do handstands.

It continued to be a great workout. But this way I stuck with it more because I had double the goals and felt more efficient!

2. Get Outside

With Spring around the corner, it’s time to start making the most of what nature has given us. The sun and the breeze are great ways to relax while you break a sweat.

There is no comparing a run on a treadmill with a run around a tree-filled park. Not only do you benefit from the fresh air, and the feeling of freedom, you may also run into an old friend. Maybe even make a new one. After all, people-watching is everyone’s favorite sport.

3. Get a Group of Friends

One of the biggest challenges to working out is social pressure or the desire to spend time with friends and family. Why not bring them along?!

It can be so hard to say no to a night out, or an afternoon snuggling with the family. I suggest being proactive and inviting loved ones or new acquaintances to de healthy things, like walks in the park, casual sports events, or exercise classes.

It might take some heavyweight convincing at first, but they’ll soon be thanking you. It’s a great way to bond . And you’ll be thanking yourself for building healthy relationships.

4 Tips for Everyone To Have Fun Working Out

4. Dance Church!

I have tried lots of exercise regimes and classes–from Crossfit to yoga, and stoic gym routines. We are all different, and it’s important to find what is right for you. But there’s one type of class that consistently puts a smile on my face.

It’s really quite simple. These are logically the classes that explicitly want to cultivate joy while we sweat. They take advantage of the endorphins to create happiness There are more and more classes with this objective, but they can be hard to find.

Some that I have seen include Dance Church , old-school P.E. classes , and any number of animal flow classes around the world. The simplest strategy for having fun may just be the most effective.


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