Top 10 Reasons for Dropout from Fitness Resolutions

According to a scientific study, researchers found that the rate at which people dropout from weight loss goals drastically drops 25% at the one-week mark, 33% by February, and 50% by June.

By making conscious concerted effort you can avoid that happening with you,

Keep the Following in Mind to Prevent Dropout. 

Lack of Effective Planning. Getting started requires a plan, preparation and focus. Place reminders around your environment, like your packed gym bag, running shoes at work or where you see them, and use reminders on your phone. Get an accountability partner!

Toss out the scale. Focus on habits. Checking your weight every day can be discouraging. Instead of setting a goal of losing a certain amount, set a goal of developing healthy habits, like reducing sugar content or packing your lunch.

Overloading your System: Most people want to go from zero to one hundred, that leads to a complete crash. Start with 2 days a week and slowly begin to build. Don’t just focus on working out – nutrition and sleep need to be a part of the plan. A new physical workload can overload your system and lead to low immunity and sickness. Pace yourself.

Aiming for Quick Results: The #1 reason people stop working out is because they don’t see results. If it’s your first time in the gym, either join a group training program or get a personal trainer. Get your form checked – for safety and to ensure your program is in line with your personal goals.

Mobility First and Pay Attention to Your Body. Most people sit at a desk all day, which can lead to tight hips, knee pain, lower back pain and Kyphosis. Pain is a symptom that something is wrong in the body. Do not ignore it! Make sure your program has a mobility regime, which will bring fluidity to your joints.

Complicated Routine.  A lot of times, people start off with a complicated workout regimen that is a shock to their system and may not be right for them. It’s a set up for failure and frustration. It’s a marathon, not a race when you are changing your lifestyle.

It’s Not Fun or it’s Boring. There are many ways to get active and make it enjoyable. Zumba classes, yoga, hip hop dance classes are all ways to make the experience a little more fun and make the time whiz by.  

Fear of the Gym. Depending on the gym, it can be intimidating for some, especially if everyone looks like they just stepped out of Oxygen Magazine. Shop around and check out a facility that fits your comfort zone. Most gyms offer trial periods, so you can see if it’s the right environment for you. 

Injury. This happens when your enthusiasm gets ahead of your skills. It’s always best to get at least one or two lessons from a personal trainer or group class to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. 

Cost. This shouldn’t be a deterrent to exercising. Although a gym environment is good, there are apps and YouTube videos that you can use at home. Improvise with gear such as weights, you can even use your children! Ask any mom how hard it is to carry around a 20-pound child.

Fitness Resolutions are there to keep not to lose.

Credit: Kym Niles,  Certified Personal Trainer.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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