Breastplates: For Défense Serving A New Fashion Trend

Fashion month may be over, but our fashion drive has just turned on. One of the best Fashion Week trend of this season from all the goodness we saw is The Breast Chrome Plate discovered from the Tom Ford Spring-Summer collection 2020.

This trend has started, a certain dualism between female sexuality, as embodied by lingerie dressing, and female power, as embodied by — of all things — the leather breastplate. 

In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar Gwyneth Paltrow wears a glossy, fuchsia Tom Ford bustier, which costs $15,000 (£11,500) and is described as an “anatomical breastplate”. This futuristic piece is one of a series of moulded plastic busts by Ford, created in shades inspired by Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dogs. 

The breastplate – or “muscle cuirass” – has been used to craft an idealised version of the body since Greco-Roman times, protecting the torso while creating the illusion of muscles. Its much-later incarnation in fashion serves a similar purpose.

The breastplate is a superhero favourite, a signifier of battle-ready ferocity.


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