Avocados Good For Diabetics To Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

According to a study published in Nutrition Journal, avocados are good for diabetics and including them in your breakfast can help to stabilize sugar level.

Avocados are also, loaded with good fats that can help you with weight loss and manage cholesterol. Nutrient content of 150 g of avocado, as provided by the US Department of Agriculture, shows that it has 10.1 g of fiber, less than 1 g of sugar, and 22 g fat. Its carbohydrate content is only up to 12.79 g.

A person suffering with diabetes is advised to choose foods that are lower in carbohydrates and sugar and avocados is a good option. They may also recommend foods that help control blood sugar spikes. An avocado meet both requirements.

Food intake is one major factor that determines whether your blood sugar will rise or fall. You can add a certain food to your breakfast that will help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels the entire day. The ADA encourage people with diabetes to consider adding avocado into their diets, due to its healthy fats.

Different Ways to Add Avocados

  • Simply Seasoned
  • Stuffed
  • In scrambled eggs
  • On toast
  • In guacamole
  • In salads
  • In Soups
  • As a substitute for sour cream
  • In sushi rolls
  • Grilled
  • Pickled
  • As fries
  • Pickled
  • In smoothies
  • As an Ice Cream
  • Dressing Ingredient
  • Hummus
  • In Bread
  • In Drinks
  • In Pancakes

So, the next time that you eat breakfast, better add some avocados. This great fruit will certainly help in stabilizing your sugar levels throughout the day.

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