Jumping Shoes: Low-Impact Cardio

Jumps using jumping shoes is an explosive, highly motivating, interval training program. It is designed specifically to challenge the whole body, building muscular strength and endurance.

Whether you are an avid jogger, a serious runner or a casual health-conscious exerciser, you will quickly appreciate the incredible number of benefits that Jumping Shoes provide. Reducing impact shocks to your ankles, knees, shins, hips, lower back, and spine, by up to 80% is only one of them. Jumps shoes were originally developed for joggers, to reduce the impact stress on joints.

The Rebound exercise is a means of reducing body fat, firming and strengthening muscles, increasing agility, and providing an aerobic workout for the heart. Jumps are intended to provide an increased gravitational load on the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system and protecting the joints from the chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.

The use of Jumps is also a tool for weight loss exercise, offering a biomechanically efficient low-impact environment. People who rebound find they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. The effect is not just psychological, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system, is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises ever developed.

Benefits of Jumping Shoes

Joint Protection

Scientific investigations with regards to impact forces have reported that between 27% to 70% of runners or joggers get injured in the first year of after commencement of running.Some other sports show similar results.

These factors indicate the importance of Impact Protection. Jumps rebound shoes reduce the impact up to 80%, as confirmed by 3 distinct scientific studies. Their impact reduction also significantly enhances the healing process after sport injures or surgery, relieves pain, and provides the opportunity to exercise in a way that will also alleviate some of the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Injury Protection

Physiotherapists and medical doctors recommend the use of Jumps rebound shoes for patients as an important rehabilitation factor, as well as, the strength and conditioning aspects of Jumps rebound shoes. The reduction of up to 80% of impact shock to your ankles, shins, knees, hips, lower back, and spine also allows athletes to resume their workouts and training much sooner. Too often, rehabilitation time compromises muscle control, proprioception, and balance.

There are many different classifications of injuries and the related causal factors of each injury. Using Jumps boots help you limit the risk of aggravating or damaging joints that have been weakened by overuse or reconstructive surgery. Reducing Impact allows these areas to strengthen while your general health improves.

For injuries caused by sedentary conditions, Jumps rebound shoes are also an excellent rehabilitation factor, as it improves the patient’s cardiovascular system, musculature and skeletal systems. At the same time it helps motivate both the athletes, or athletically inclined individuals, as well as, the individuals who lead a more sedentary life style.

Recovery Time

For the professional and elite athlete, consistent, continuous training is paramount to retain their strength, stamina, and specific athletic response to their sport of choice. When these individuals are injured, every 24 hour period without exercise can significantly compromise their athletic training and standing within their sport of choice. Jumps rebound shoes, due to their patented IPSystem, reduce impact shock by up to 80%, which means that athletes or athletic patients can begin exercise and training very soon after an injury or surgery. Practitioners and athletic trainers have found that patients using Jumps rebound shoes actually reduce the recovery time and enhance their athletic response system due to the inherent action of harmonizing the muscles and the central nervous system.

Many athletic physicians are using Jumps boots for rehabilitation purposes due to the reduced impact and “enhanced” recovery aspect of using Jumps rebound shoes. On the other hand, recovery time from any aerobic activity is dramatically reduced by using Jumps rebound shoes.

Weight Loss

While we stress the importance of eating a balanced diet, we are actually more concerned with adding a pleasurable, non strenuous exercise element to your life, with Jumps rebound shoes.

University studies show clearly that you spend much more energy, or calories, using Jumps rebound shoes, compared to usual sport shoes. However, this alone does not explain the dramatic weight loss stated by people who have been using Jumps boots regularly.

The secret lies in the lymphatic system. The lymph is the liquid which circulates in-between our cells, to carry the wastes and toxins, out of our body, keeping it healthy.

Most of us are unaware that our bodies contain four times as much lymph fluid as blood. However our lymphatic system, which is also our immune system, does not have a pump, like the heart, to keep its liquid in motion. It depends on our natural movements for circulation! If we don’t move enough, excess levels of toxin actually clutters our lymphatic system and “poisons” our cells. In some places the lymph fluid actually crystallizes into cellulite, which many of us know is hard to eliminate.

Rebound exercise has been found to be the most effective way to “re-prime the pump” and keep it going, due to the up & down swinging in a low impact environment, like with Jumps rebound shoes.

The lymphatic system also monitors our metabolism. As we get older, we seem to put on more weight, which becomes harder and harder to lose.

Studies have shown that our base metabolic rate, which is the rate that our bodies burn calories, decreases as our lymphatic system becomes less efficient. As we regularly use Jumps rebound shoes, our base metabolic rate will become increasingly more efficient, resulting in noticeable improvements in our muscle tone, and weight management. In fact, we are actually re-training each cell to perform as it did when we were younger. Once we have re-set our metabolism, we will burn more calories at a higher rate, and will not regain weight, if we continue using Jumps.


When using Jumps for the first time you will easily feel out of breath. After only a few days of use you will be amazed by the significant endurance improvement. This is confirmed by a recent University Study of British Columbia, conducted by Dr. Jack Taunton, professor of medicine and director of the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre: runners wearing Jumps increase their endurance (VO2 max) by 18.3% whereas runners using normal shoes showed no significant increase.


Rebounding with Jumps provides a quick and easy aerobic effect to the body, especially the heart. Rebounding could practically be described as a “heart exercise”, since in using Jumps your legs are the primary limbs physically active. It is easier on the heart to exercise the legs than the arms. Your heart has to work 250 % harder to pump the same amount of blood through your arms as it does to pump it through your legs. This is why people die while shovelling snow in Wintertime or playing tennis. Their arm movements are placing a tremendous burden on the heart muscle to deliver the oxygen and nutrients in the blood to the upper limb.


Any kind of exercise will increase your energy level on a long run, because you train your body to work better and develop more mitochondrias, which are the powerhouses of the cells. However most forms of exercise are strenuous, so that people who lack training will feel exhausted, even for the next day.

Having a non strenuous physical activity with Jumps the way we recommend, that is only for short sessions and never exceeding your level of comfort, you will enjoy an incredible high level of energy right away and feel relaxed.

Face Lift

Imagine holding a balloon filled with water while you bounce on your bed. Can you visualize what happens to the balloon? Each cell of your body is like this balloon. Rebounding puts them repeatedly under stress as they need to resist the increased G force (when the balloon reaches the maximum elongation). With time, the cell’s membrane get thicker, thus firmer, and gains elasticity. Your skin is a community of cells. Therefore, rebounding regularly with Jumps will firm your skin and increase it’s elasticity.


Imagine yourself holding a balloon filled with water while rebounding on your Jumps. Can you visualize the elongation-compression-elongation reactions of the balloon? Each cell in your body is similar to a small balloon filled with a liquid, called cytoplasm. Rebounding puts all your cells gently under stress, reinforcing and revitalizing them. It’s like getting each one of your cells to do pushups. Thus you reinforce simultaneously the sixty trillion cells of your body, all your organs and all your muscles.

On the other hand, most of us are unaware that our body contains four times more lymph than blood. The lymphatic system has no heart like pump but only relies on your body’s movements associated with gravitational forces for lymph circulation. Jumps maximize this process, with each bounce.

The good news is that you don’t need to make strenuous exercise to achieve astonishing results. A few minutes a day, at your own personal pace of comfort, will do. And you will enjoy it: Jumps provide so much fun! Scientific studies, made by NASA, show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective and pleasant exercise ever devised.

Bone Mass: Increase Bone Density and fight osteoroposis

Rebounding in Jumps stimulates osteoblastic bone rebuilding activity in the vertebral bodies and weight-bearing osseous structures of the pelvis and lower extremities. This is essential in the prevention of osteoporosis, especially in women. Jumps provide individuals with a cutting edge comprehensive conditioning and rehabilitation system that is safe and effective.

Within only 2 weeks of stay in outer space, astronauts lose as much as 15% of their bone and muscle mass, as a result of the absence of gravity. Consequently, N.A.S.A. had to investigate how to reverse the process. Finally their studies came to the conclusion that “rebound exercise is the most effective and efficient form of exercise ever devised by man”

Spine: Strengthen Your Spine. Eliminate most back pain

Jumps, due to the inherent nature of their design, encourage proper posture in order to maintain balance and coordination while performing aerobic exercises or running. The balance involved while using Jumps, which is very safe and easily mastered, stimulates the spinal and extremity joint mechanoreceptors which are essential for proper balance and proprioceptive skills. Pronation and supination are greatly reduced due to the fact that foot placement is dynamically influenced by balance which forces the patient into a conscious gait pattern.

Rebounding with Jumps has a positive influence on spinal and intervertebral disc health by providing maximum spinal imbibition. This, of course, is essential for the proper transfer of nutrients into the disc and the removal of metabolic waste products out of the disc, thereby maintaining and restoring intervertebral health and function.

Stress: Help fight depression & stress

It is a fact, stated over and over, that Jumps Induce an immediate state of euphoria: When anyone gets on Jumps, you can observe an almost immediate big smile, expressing total happiness. This is because it awaken the inner child and induce a state of euphoria (which can be explained by the fast release of endorphins – called the hormone of happiness). Jumps are an excellent remedy to depression! Dr. Morton Walker, in his book “Jumping for Health”, pages 82-91, describes 30 Specific Anti-stress Benefits of Rebounding (Avery Publishing Group Inc., New York).

Posture: Promote ideal postural alignment and balance

Many practitioners report that the majority of their patients have very poor posture due to many factors which include the impact of sitting at computers, TV and other sedentary life style issues. There are also certain postural conditions associated with specific sport activities such as cycling, etc. Poor posture can have a negative effect on an individual’s health. Using Jumps assures ideal posture by forcing your foot placement to be at the best possible angle directly below the pelvic girdle that ultimately supports the alignment of the whole body.

Many users report that they breathe in such a way to fill their lungs to capacity when using Jumps providing thus more oxygen for the brain, muscles, etc., to function at an optimal level. Some benefits that customers report are that they have more energy, faster response time to stimuli, longer attention span and that they feel more vibrant and alive.

Balance is an important issue and has become a frequent complaint from patients while speaking with their practitioner. Again, a more sedentary life style has influenced this issue. Consistent movement with properties that are identified as “Proprioceptive” is necessary to assure proper balance. Proprioceptive activity is defined as stimulating the spine and harmonizing all of the mechanoreceptors located in your extremity. Jumps assure that optimum “balance” occurs in a safe and effective manner for individuals of all ages and activity levels. Jump Shoes correct posture and naturally realign the body.

Because of the rounded shape of their soles, Jumps naturally prevents you from adopting bad postures. You automatically align your body in order to keep your balance.
Wits University in Johannesburg – South Africa, is in the process of conducting the most comprehensive study ever made with Jumps (testing about 800 parameters!). A large portion of the population has chronic back pain, which, in most cases, is due to a bad posture. The use of Jumps will in most cases eliminate (or at least alleviate) the pain and prevent it from recurring.

Correct supination and pronation: Most of us either pronate or supinate, to some degree. Look at the soles of your shoes: if the inner side is more worn, you pronate. If it is the outside portion, you supinate. When running, supination or pronation creates a rotation movement in your ankles and knees, which can become painful and create lesions.

A Swiss chiropodist scientific study shows that Jumps correct pronation and supination conditions, however especially when the problem originates from the lower leg. This is quite logical to understand: Jumps are about 6 inches higher than normal shoes and the soles are laterally flat. When you don’t land flat with the sole, you get the impression that you might twist our ankle. So we instinctively correct the foot position. However, when the problem originates from the upper leg (knee, hip), it cannot fully correct the condition.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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