Iobella: New Body-Shaping Craze Among Women

Iobella: New Body-Shaping Craze Among Women

Iobella innovative body-slimming technique originated in Switzerland and evolved in Italy before making a splash in Argentina, where IOBELLA has achieved an A-list following among celebrities, socialites and women who simply want to look their best.

Iobella is an innovative body-shaping spa exclusively for women that provides customized programs to help women trim and define their figures naturally. It is the Silhouette Secret of the Most Beautiful Women in the World. The most beautiful European and South American women have benefited from Iobella’s method for decades.

Now launching in Santa Monica, IOBELLA can help you look and feel amazing inside and out, while achieving your body’s ideal shape and silhouette.

Iobella employs a unique method that combines private training sessions in Iobella’s exclusive temperature-controlled pods with revitalizing spa services to help you lose inches quickly and safely, and come away feeling radiant and renewed. Your body will appear leaner and more toned, and your skin will glow.

Iobella: New Body-Shaping Craze Among Women

Iobella carefully selects and trains the best personal consultants, instructors, nutrition counselors and spa specialists to ensure that they are well-versed on Iobella’s unique body-shaping method. The all-female staff understands women’s needs first-hand. This team of Iobella specialists will work one-on-one with you to develop a customized plan and track your progress.

Iobella’s technology is radically different. Your hard work will pay off much faster thanks to our exclusive method – you will lose inches where you want to most.
At Iobella it is recognized that your stage of life and personal goals are unique to you. That’s why customized plans are tailored to help you achieve your ideal shape and silhouette.

The Iobella personal consultant will begin with a precise and comprehensive body measurement analysis of key parts of your body, including weight and body fat. Losing inches off your problem areas is the primary objective. As you progress, your Iobella personal consultant will take measurements periodically and adjust your personalized routine until you attain your desired results.

Iobella’s Exclusive Temperature-Controlled Pods Maximize Results

An Iobella instructor will introduce you to Iobella’s exclusive temperature-controlled pods and guide you through your personal exercise routine, helping to shape and define your specific target areas. The Iobella pods are heated to the body’s natural temperature – 98 degrees Fahrenheit – which helps maximize fat and calorie burning and speed up metabolism. Working out in an environment that matches your body temperature helps trim inches in problem areas, safely and effectively.

You may notice a leaner and a more well-toned body after only a few sessions! Nurturing O3 renewal treatments pamper your body. Individualized workouts are only the beginning of your ideal body at Iobella. The unique post-workout O3 renewal treatment will purify and nourish your skin, helping your body look and feel more supple and well-toned than with exercise alone.

Immediately following your personal exercise routine, an Iobella spa specialist will guide you to our private O3 lounge, where you will relax in one of our revitalizing O3 spa cabins. Set at a balmy 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit, Iobella’s O3 renewal treatment will relax and nourish your body with pure warm air, allowing your muscles to get the necessary rest post workout. 

Iobella: New Body-Shaping Craze Among Women

O3 – also known as “triple oxygen” due to its molecular makeup of three oxygen atoms – penetrates pores to improve skin hydration, appearance and tone. O3 is an important cell booster that also facilitates the elimination of toxins while improving the appearance of cellulite.

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