Meal Plan for Cross-Country Moving

Packing and preparing to move out of a house and country that you have gotten so used to is challenging. The nostalgia of your early days hit you and you slowdown in the things you do because it seems as though you are consciously creating your last memories of this place. So, the energy and the enthusiasm to think about your meal plan during the move can be very low. Nonetheless, you would need a plan to eat healthy, relatively cheap, and in a befitting manner for the road trip. Here are suggestions on what to consider for your meal plan.

1. How long the trip would last

Having gone through the list of moving companies and you feel okay to go with one of them, you should ask your mover about their transportation routine, possible breaks, and how long it would take to reach your destination. With this knowledge, you can now plan your meal for the duration and to fit the schedule.

2. What foods are you comfortable with?

You know yourself and family better than anyone else. What food do you feel comfortable to eat when you are not at home? What diet plans are you on? What food does your body find easy to digest without hassle, knowing that your transitioning can be grumpy and bumpy?

3. Plan by budget

It is quite important to take budget into your consideration. How much are you willing to spend on food? How much can you afford? Getting to your new place, you will certainly need to fix some new things and probably repair or refurnish some things to your personal taste. Hence, financial balancing between your to-dos is important.

4. Food storage?

Invest in food storage options such as coolers and warmers, foil bags and other durable storage options. This way, after you have chosen and prepare your meals and recipes, you can store them accordingly. If you would make a purchase in a major city, you can store your grocery against your mealtime.

How to Draw Your Meal Plan

Now, when making your plan, you should think of having a balanced diet. Hence, you may have to blend your main meal with other things. For example, if you intend to start the journey with a hamburger, make sure you sandwich it with vegetables, cheese, and a little protein source. If you can’t find a way to have a protein food stuffed therein, you can complement it with soya milk. If you find it challenging to have a meal’s diet balanced, you can make your next meal to be richer with the food supplement lacking in your previous meal. For example, if you plan bread and juice for morning, you may have baked beans and toast/sausage/salad on the next plan. Do you get? Yes! You are bright!

Go for light foods. Knowing that your movement would most likely, not be smooth, you have to make your meal plan as light as can be. You want something that can easily digest and be absorbed into your bloodstream; not the one that would get shaken within you and make you puke on transition. You may schedule higher calorie foods for break time, maybe one of those moments that you will be able to stretch your legs and walk around.


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