Easy Workouts For Young Mothers

As a young mother, the days can seem really LONG, and often are full of the myriad tasks that involve raising young and taking care of house and home. Even when one doesn’t feel like it’s possible, it’s important for moms to take care of themselves, so they can be more patient, energized, and enduring. Fitting in some movement throughout the day is easier if a young mother can incorporate it into her time with a child or children.

Here are some workout examples that I used with my children: 

1. Setting up an obstacle course that involves a variety of movement that can be done with young children or when babies are close by on the ground. An example of one of our courses: Start on one side of a room and crawl to the other side. Stand up and skip into another room. Lower to the floor in a downward facing dog pose with the knees off the floor and walk on the hands and feet back to the starting place. Repeat 5x . Be playful! Crabwalking, frog jumping, and commando crawling will get your heart rate up and your muscles awake! 

2. Turn “chores” into exercise opportunities. Work squats in as you are doing house cleaning or picking up toys. Reach down for a toy and straighten up but then add some plyometrics by hopping up. Get your kid involved in clean up and put a timer on so you make it a speed drill! Use every opportunity to move in all ways. 

3. Take your child -baby for a walk with a jogger and add interval trainings, where you walk for 3 minutes, lightly jog for 3 minutes, and alternate for 15 minutes. 

Easy Workouts For Young Mothers

4. Practice yoga with your child playing nearby, taking breaks as needed for snuggles. Showing your child how you take care of yourself is a wonderful model for him or her.

It is important to take the time to take care of yourself so you can take better care of your family. Even short bursts of exercise—10 minutes a day— will leave you with renewed energy, so get moving!


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