Use It Or Lose It At 65

I joined the 65 Club in May 2019. Like many women my age, it’s hard to believe I am this age. Although there are definite changes to my body that can be a bit frustrating at times, there are equally as many benefits to turning 65. 

  • The first rule of coping with wrinkles and gray hair is to simply accept this is a fact of life. Don’t fight it but rather, embrace the fact that you have a lot of years under your belt. That which we fight, we tend to resist. When we embrace our reality, we handle things with a lot more grace. 

As I see new wrinkles appear, at times it shocks me. Other times, it amuses me. Truth be told, I have aged well. Much of that has to do with the fact I have exercised much of my life. Yet, during the time I was caretaking my mother (I was in my mid-fifties at the time) my eating and exercise routines were very poor. I gained a lot of weight and felt incredibly old during that time. 

It’s Time to change your Diet & Exercise Routine It was around the time I turned 60 that I came to the realization that I was not getting any younger. If anything, I was aging rapidly. I made important changes to my eating and exercise. I picked up the sport of running (I’m not a fast runner but very consistent). 

Friends and loved ones often comment on my activity level and the fact I do not look my age. I attribute my health and vitality to my eating protocol. I am completely void of ALL animal and dairy products. I eat a plant-based diet. Yet, it is not a diet per se. It is a lifestyle of choosing to eat in a way that supports vitality, energy and youthfulness. 

Skin Care & Diet: I do not have a skin care routine that requires more washing my face with soap and water and using a vitamin e cream on it. Nothing elaborates at all about my skin care. I believe the reason I have such good skin is due to what I eat. I never had acne as a teen and have always been fortunate to have good skin. 

I do notice some saggy skin on my under arms and have been focusing on toning this. When I first noticed the “crepe paper” skin it was shocking to me. Initially, I simply accepted this as a part of aging, but then became proactive about focusing on toning this area of my body with weight training and push-ups. Although this has helped, it has not eliminated it. 

Without a doubt, exercise has made a huge difference in aging. I am very, very active. I run, bike, hike, spin, do yoga, and meditate. All of this contributes to a more youthful body as well as a positive mindset. 

Your Hair are a Treasure: I frost my hair so do not know how much gray I have. On my dad’s side of the family, it was not uncommon for members of the family to have very little gray until their seventies and then turn gray rapidly.

I am an advocate of exercise and an eating protocol that is as close to whole food as possible

Eliminate of added salt and oil for your health. Natural oils are needed as found in nuts and avocados. However, moderation is called for. 

Hydration is essential to vibrancy. I have not had any alcohol in over 35 years. 

The adage, “Use it or lose it,” is so true. I love exercise and move my body a lot. For example, in June I set a goal to run a minimum of 100 miles for the month. I not only achieved this by taking daily action, I surpassed it. I am of the belief that many people age far sooner than need be due to their lack of exercise and proper eating. 

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