Top 5 Swimsuits to Buy in 2019

Summer countdown signals it’s time to go swimming in a trending costume to look & feel your best.

Although some classic styles never go out of fashion, each season brings with it a new trend. Neon shades are a massive hit this year, spotted on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Hailey Baldwin and animal print – has also found its way onto beachwear.

1. This season, it’s about structured underwire tops. It’s a great style for bigger-busted women especially, who appreciate a little extra support in their swim tops.

2. Cut out swimsuits are a huge swimwear trend for 2019 and this one from Miss Selfridge ticks the boxes without being too raunchy.

3. Animal print is huge for summer and zebra is the print of choice for 2019. This bikini set from Topshop is the perfect incarnation of the trend and the bandeau top is great for women who want to feel secure and strapped in! 

4. With ruffle necklines and puffy sleeves so popular for spring and summer, it’s no surprise swimwear is getting the girly-girl treatment too. Fluttery sleeves and ruffled trim are made for your inner romantic.

5. For 2019, almost every swimwear brand has released its own version of a “sexy cutout” suit, whether it’s a bikini that resembles bandage wraps or a one-piece that has a whole side missing. Make sure you have one too. 

Still not satisfied. Then don’t worry summer 2019 has tons of new options for you.  Try out the high-waisted cut swimsuit. The high waist might be a retro look, but these fresh prints and designs keep it feeling contemporary.


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