Exercise In The Third Trimester

So you’ve hit your third trimester, and you’re feeling “larger than life,” but is it safe to continue to exercise?? YES! Given you are having a healthy pregnancy and have your doctor’s approval, there are many safe and effective forms of exercise that are both beneficial for you as well as you growing baby. 

Safe and Effective Forms of Exercise in Your Third Trimester: 

  • Walking: This is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of exercise for you to do anywhere anytime. Walking will help clear your mind, improve heart and cardiovascular health, aid in constipation, improve circulation and decrease swelling. It is important to wear a comfortable yet supportive walking shoe that supports your feet and arches. 
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises: The pelvic floor supports your internal organs including your uterus, which becomes overstretched and weakened from the additional weight of your growing belly, especially by the third trimester. Focusing on strengthening your pelvic floor is highly beneficial throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and beyond, and is also known as Kegel Exercise.
  • Prenatal Water Aerobics/Swimming: Prenatal Water Exercise provides a low impact form of exercise that is gentle on your body and feels great! You are able to move freely through the water without feeling your extra pregnancy weight impact your ligaments and joints. It also tremendously aids in circulation and reduces swelling.
  • Prenatal Yoga: These classes are specifically designed with pregnancy-friendly movements that focus on movement, flow, breath, gentle toning, core support, and stability that will aid throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth. It will also provide a soothing and comforting atmosphere designed to help alleviate stress, enhance your mental and physical well-being, and help you connect with your growing little one inside. 

Currently in my third trimester, I have both enjoyed and greatly benefitted from each of the above forms of exercise and will continue to do so. Home Stretch ladies… we can do this! Catch my monthly columns featured in WF and stay in touch with me! IG and FB @taryntfrancis 




The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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