Train With The World’s Best Personal Trainers This Year

Women Fitness unveils its list of the personal trainers to train with in 2019.

1. Sarah Harradine

Location: TRAIN Heald Green, Manchester, UK

Favourite exercise: Deadlifts – a brilliant full-body exercise which makes you feel super powerful!

What her clients say about her: Honestly, signing up with Sarah and starting to train with her was the most frightening thing I could have done. I’m not a gym person, I’m a 42 yr old mother of 2 who enjoys hot buttered toast and a good book. I have surprised myself by falling in love with training and that is entirely down to Sarah’s beautiful encouragement. I really didn’t think I was the sort of person who had a personal trainer but Sarah is very special. She makes me feel worth the investment and worth the effort and that, just on its own, is priceless. -Alison Bond McNally

Instagram: @squatbot

2. Jaime McFaden

Location: At Bay Club, California & on the Aaptiv app

Favourite exercise: Planks! They work the whole body, and you can do them anywhere.

What her clients say about her: “Being a new mom, I find Jaime McFaden to be inspiring and motivational.  Her workouts are tough physically, but keep you grounded mentally with her ‘word of the workout’. Based on her goal the workout, she can pump you up, or mellow you out.  Jaime makes fitness accessible to everyone – I took her classes throughout my pregnancy and am turning to her again as I make my way back into the groove postpartum. I love feeling like I’m working out with a friend every time I press play.” – Tara D, Aaptiv member

Instagram: @jaimemcfaden

3. Lynn Montoya

Location: Tustin, CA (Orange County)

Favourite exercise: Competition burpees. They provide a full body, strength & cardio training in a single exercise.

What her clients say about her: “My training with Lynn began two years ago at my lowest point. After years of major health issues due to a demanding, high-profile career, I needed a seasoned professional that possessed the “secret” for maintaining health and fitness despite the challenges of life, career or age. Lynn is genuine, extremely experienced and creative (specializing in HIITs and strength training). Not only does she train beside me during each session, she has built my confidence slowly and immeasurably. Lynn cultivates a culture within and among her clients to empower women through strength training, encouragement and positivity that has truly changed my life.” -Rachel Fisher

Instagram: @lynnmontoyafitness


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