Duo Yoga: Mother’s Day Special

Duo Yoga: Mother's Day Special

Mothers are a blessing and “Mothers Day” is a time to rewind on all that this curator has done for you and express gratitude for those special moments in your life. Duo-yoga can serve as a motivation & fun, try it out.

While you are catching up on ways to celebrate mothers day, Women Fitness team  brings you a calm way to celebrate and rejuvenate the occasion, leaving fond memories for both you and your mother– Dual Yoga or Mother-daughter combined Yoga.

Morning would be the idle time to charge up and express your emotions. Besides there are certain things you need to keep in mind-  Sit in an easy pose, either back-to-back or facing each other with knees lightly touching. Close your eyes and begin breathing through your nose. Try to breathe in and out in unison. Practice the breath for a few minutes. This opening portion establishes a connection between you and your partner, calms the mind and prepares both of you to move into yoga poses together.

Yoga Poses

Add an innovative twist to the classic yoga postures.

  • Vrkasana or Double tree pose: To do this asana both you and your mother need to stand beside each other with your hips touching. Both of you bend the knee of outer leg and use your hands to pull your foot up so it’s pressing against the opposite leg’s inner thigh. Pressing your knee back will help of your foot stay erect, and open your hips even more. Now take your inside arm and wrap it around your partner’s lower back. Once you feel secure, you and your partner can bring your outside hands together at the center, pressing your palms together.  For a different variation, extend your inner arms straight up and your outer arms out to the side. This variation is a bit more challenging. Hold for as long as you want and then do the other side.
  • Sitting Forward Bend: While being seated in cross-legged back-to-back position reach back and link elbows with your mother. Exhale as you lean forward, entering a forward bend and pulling your mother into a gentle backbend. Ask your mother to repeat this the other way around.

Duo Yoga: Mother's Day Special

  • Standing Forward Bend: You and your mother will have to stand back to back with about six to 12 inches or so between your heels (this space will give room for your bums when you fold forward). Both of you bend at the waist and come into a Standing Forward Bend. Reach your hands behind you and grab onto your partner’s hands. Walk your hands closer depending on your flexibility, try to hold one another’s forearms, elbows, or shoulders. If your bums aren’t touching, walk your heels closer together. Try to keep your legs straight and lengthen through the spine. Stay here for five deep breaths, or longer if you love it. When you’re both ready to come out, let go of your partner and slowly come to stand.
  • Cobbler’s Pose or Bound Angle: Sit on the floor in cobbler’s pose, with your knees apart and the soles of feet together in front of you. Your mother can assist by taking the same pose facing you (if possible or sit with legs wide open) and pull you forward as in the forward bends.
  • Side Bend in Easy Pose: Hold your mothers hand on each side. Raise all four hands up and stretch upward; then gently lean to one side and lower that side’s hands to the floor for support. Reach the higher hands up and gently toward the direction you’re leaning.

Wrap up with deep breathing, Savasana and meditation.

Lie close to each other, close your eyes and connect with each others’ breath. Mentally scan your body for tension and release it. Rest in savasana for 5 to 10 minutes. To release the pose, gently roll to one side and press yourself up into easy pose. Close with a few minutes of quiet, shared meditation. Relaxation can also be performed by placing your head on your partner’s stomach and laying quietly.
What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s day.


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