The Importance of Health Supplement For Your Fitness Workout

Do you feel overwhelmed when you visit the vitamin shop? What is the
difference between nutrients and supplements? Wondering if you should take a
multivitamin? Vitamins give your body the nutrients it needs so you can be your
best throughout the day and when you workout.

But when your mineral and vitamin intake is low, health problems can develop. Some of these health problems can turn into long-term problems. While good nutrition can prevent disease, most foods don’t contain the nutrients that you need. Here are some reasons why you should take supplements.

Reduce Risk Of
Chronic Disease

One major reason to take supplements is to reduce your risk of chronic
disease. Minerals, nutrients, and vitamins are essential components of enzymes,
which increase the chemical reactions in the body. For example, zinc is used to
create the hormone called testosterone. Folic acid reduces the risk of birth
defects during pregnancy while vitamin D helps to regulate mineral levels in
the bloodstream and bones.

When you don’t take supplements and vitamins, health problems can
develop. Some of these problems can become long-term problems such as cancer,
diabetes, and heart disease. If you don’t have enough nutrients, you could
expect big problems later on down the line. It’s important for your body to get
the nutrients that it needs.

Supplements are Safer
than Prescription Drugs

Another reason to take supplements has been revealed in various medical
studies. Prescription drugs are responsible for 1.9 million hospitalizations
each year. In addition, over 117,000
people die
in the U.S. from prescription drugs. Not only are prescription drugs
dangerous, but they’re expensive.

Supplements have better results with patients and fewer side effects.
Not to mention, they’re more affordable than prescription drugs. Niacin is
another name for vitamin B3 that’s been found in clinical studies to lower
cholesterol levels. It’s more favorable than statin drugs, which come with a
long list of side effects.

Supplements Help
Boost Metabolism

The obesity epidemic is a result of sugar consumption in the last
century. Foods high in sugar tend to have fewer nutrients. Some of the most
important nutrients like chromium and magnesium are found missing from these
sugary and processed foods. People cannot use sugar as energy and store it as

The answer to this problem would be to reduce your sugar intake, but
sugar is in most processed foods. It’s kind of unavoidable unless you eat
clean. One way to increase your nutrient intake and lower your sugar intake is
to take supplements and maintain a healthy weight. The most important
supplements are chromium and magnesium, which work together to combat obesity
and diabetes.

Increase Levels of
Essential Nutrients

Some people don’t like to take nutrients because they make them go to
the bathroom a lot. There is a false misconception that nutrients are never
absorbed. A Landmark study found that nutrients are well-absorbed into the
bloodstream. The group of patients who took supplements had 78% percent more of
these nutrients of their bloodstream than the group that didn’t take

Food Doesn’t Contain

There has been a significant drop in mineral levels in food. A study on
mineral depletion found that mineral levels commonly found in fruits, grains,
and vegetables decreased as much as 77%. Another study by the University of
Texas found that vitamin levels decreased by 37%.

It’s impossible to get all of your nutrients from foods alone.
Supplements like multi-minerals and multivitamins can protect your body against
nutrient deficiency. The formulation of these minerals and nutrients are
important. There’s no point to taking a multivitamin if it doesn’t contain all
of the right nutrients needed to be absorbed into your bloodstream to reap
those benefits.

Cooking &
Microwaving Food Damages Nutrients

The United States Department of Agriculture found that cooking,
microwaving, and reheating your food can lead to a significant nutrient loss.
Microwaving is one of the biggest ways to reduce nutrient content. Out of the
list, steaming is the least damaging. Unless you steam your food, you are not
getting the nutrients from your food.

That’s where supplements come in. Some of them come in the form of a
singular capsule or multiple capsules. Some of these nutrients are important to
have. For example, isothiocyanates can lower a woman’s risk of breast
cancer by up to 50%
. One pound of broccoli that’s incorporated into one capsule can protect
against most types of cancer.

When following a healthy and balanced diet, there are certain foods that
you should avoid. For example, you should decrease your meat intake. According
to Dr. Jay Davidson from, you can protect yourself from
parasite infections by avoiding such foods as salad bars, certain types of
fish, pork, and certain meats such as game. Unless you eat it fully cooked,
avoid it whenever you can.


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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