Angela Crickmore’s Transformation Is The Right Motivation To Start Your Fitness Journey

Angela Crickmore

Instagram star and fitness instructor who is known for posting a variety of workout related content and progress pictures of her fitness journey to her over 170,000 Instagram followers. She can also be seen modeling for a variety of companies and brands such as Women’s Best and Sneaky Vaunt. 

After moving to the United Kingdom, she gained weight quickly as her lifestyle changed. After waking up one day unhappy, she chose to change her lifestyle and progress into a healthy one. In 2011 she began her fitness journey and by 2015 was sponsored for her fitness journey and began her modeling career. 

Women Fitness President Namita Nayyar recently caught up with her to talk about her fitness goals!

Namita Nayyar:

Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness training?

Angela Crickmore
Angela Crickmore:

In 2011 I decided to give my life a different direction! I want to transform my life as bad as I want to breath! No rain, snow, parties, opinions, work, difficulties could stop me reach what I want! 

Since last year my Transformation story has been featured in some UK magazines!! Bella and Women’s Health! This year Cover of UK Brazilian magazine and February, in the most seen UK news website, Daily mail and The Sun! The Article in the Daily mail was shared all over the globe and I have been news in many countries like Serbia, Croatia, Hungarian, Slovakia, Turkey, America and so many others!! 

I always had a strong feeling that I want to be known for something extraordinary that I have done, and I believe I have done. I want to share this with the entire world, to put inside each heart a seed of anything you really want and work hard to have, will happen! 

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