Five Instagram Accounts to Inspire You in 2019

Exercise is an essential part of getting fit and staying healthy but it’s not always easy to drag yourself down to the gym after a long day at work. Life has a habit of making far too many demands on our time and the result is that fitness goals get pushed further and further down our list of priorities. 

One way to keep these ambitions front and centre is to place them where we cannot look away: on social media. Although we’re not suggesting that you start waxing lyrical to your followers about the benefits of an early morning run, it can be helpful to follow individuals who inspire you, and Instagram is filled to the brim with potential motivators.

If you’re struggling to get in shape, here are five of the best for you to follow.

Justin Gelband (@justingelband4u) 

With 20,000 followers to his name, Justin Gelband is rightly lauded as a fitness guru, and he definitely understands how to make his mark on social media. Nicknamed ‘the model whisperer’ by The New York Times, this personal trainer extraordinaire has helped multiple Victoria’s Secret angels to get in shape, and his feed is full of snappy, action-packed videos and mid-workout shots. He’s your go-to man if a model physique is what you’re aiming for.  

Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach)

Source: Facebook via The Body Coach

With numerous cookbooks to his name, Instagram star Joe Wicks has 2.3 million followers, so he knows something about providing people with online inspiration. Boasting over 9,000 posts for you to flick through, his account is incredibly active, and he’s always adding new and inspirational material. His pinned stories have some especially good content, and his videos are second-to-none in terms of their quality and accessibility. If you need any more food for thought, he also has a wealth of before and after shots of his clients that will send you sprinting to the nearest gym with glee.

Tiger Woods (@tigerwoods)

Whilst Tiger isn’t the most active or educational Instagrammer on this list, there’s something to be said for following one of the most successful golfers of all time. A man who knows how to achieve his goals, the American athlete has a talent for coming out with inspirational quotes, finding himself on Lottoland’s list of motivational quotes and many more of its ilk. Known for making statements such as “You can always become better”, he’s the sort of man you need in your social media corner on a dreary Monday morning. 

Jennifer Johnson (@iamjjdancer)

With 41.5K followers to her name, Jennifer Johnson is one of our favourite fitness Instagrammers. You can’t help but feel energised anytime one of her posts springs up on your feed, so it’s no wonder this celebrity trainer’s clientele includes everyone from Jenna Dewan to Jessica Alba. Always willing to throw some dance into her routines, this exercise aficionada knows exactly how to make fitness fun. 

Stephanie Rice (@itsstephrice)

Source: Facebook via Stephanie Rice

Like Tiger Woods above, Steph Rice is another truly inspirational athlete. Her 103K followers all seem to love her style and, once, you’ve watched some of her videos, you’ll understand exactly how this superhuman managed to earn herself an astonishing three Olympic gold medals in a single year. An especially good choice for those who are into swimming, she’ll have you feeling ready to hit the gym in no time.     

Isn’t it time you started following these five fitness gurus? 


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