7 Makeup Looks for the New Mummy

Let’s be honest, being a mom is a full time job whether you are at work or at home. Between household errands, personal tasks, family needs and your job, there’s little space left for personal time or social outings. My husband and I make an effort to carve out time, because if we didn’t we would go crazy. As a new mom I can’t emphasis enough the importance of going out and doing activities we enjoy.

Go out with your girlfriends, go on a date, take your new family out on a mini vacation and don’t forget to doll yourself out a bit, too. With a little bit of work, some gloss here and some eyeliner there, you’ll feel like a hot mama again in no time.

Below are some of my favorite looks to throw on that are quick and pulls your look out on the town all together in an effortless way.

  1. Date Night Vixen – This look takes a bit more work than others, but it’s well worth it because you are finally getting a night off with your hubby, so make it special and go that extra mile. I love red or burgundy rich hues for the lips and a bold matte lip color will instantly add glam.
  2. Black Jonteblu eyeliner is a must with a smoky eye to add some drama. Hopefully you’ll be having a romantic dinner somewhere dimly lit, so that dramatic makeup with really pop and make you the star of the night.

2. Daytime Chic – This look is my go-to look when I have a daytime outing. Think creamy based lipsticks that are on the nude to beige spectrum, then go with a light daytime tinted cream or tinted BB cream to give your face a dewy and supple look with coverage without it feeling too heavy. Add a creamy light blush to give a healthy youthful look and finally a beige brown palate for the shadow to create dimension in the eyes. Skip the liquid liner and use a black or brown pencil liner for a softer look. Blend it out with a brown or gray shadow to create more of a gradual color change. This look allows you to be done up but in a subtle way. With this look you feel put together, but not overdone.

3. Summer-Tastic Glow – When the weather is beautiful out and your skin is looking tan, pull out coral hues. The tones are beautiful on skin with a little color and it really pops under that sun. To match the coral hues, I like adding a little color such as purple or magenta or coral to my eye shadow as grays and browns can be a bit stale during the summer. Think of blending in a little purple or. Pair the look with a flowy dress or white ensemble and you are going to be effortlessly chic and ready for the Riviera.

4. Minute Pick Me Up – Do you ever catch yourself going for the door and realize you forgot to do your makeup? Well this is my five-minute lifesaver look. When I realize I am bare faced and still in PJs but have almost no time to get ready, I go for this look. I like to call it the “Hollywood, got off a plane” look. You can hide under a hat or a pair of glamorous sunglasses and use a little liquid eyeliner to give some life to the eyes and throw on some lip balm if it’s within easy reach. Pull your hair into a perky ponytail and top it off with a baseball cap. This look will cover any imperfections you may think you have such as dark eye circles, blemishes or dry skin and make you look put together and you will be out the door ready to take on a busy day of errands. Throw on some kicks, sweatpants, a sweater and a large jacket or coat and you are ready to go with confidence!

5. Beachside Chic – It’s amazing what a pair of glamorous sunglasses can do along with a huge floppy hat. This is one of my favorite looks because you really don’t need anything but some tinted SPF Day Cream to even out your skin tone and some lip balm and that’s it. You don’t have to do a single thing to your eyes or cheeks. Spray some salt spray on your hair, which helps create that beach hair look (I think Bumble and Bumble makes the best one). Then throw on a loose beach tunic or an easy romper and you’re good to go.  It’s the easiest look ever and it’s sexy, natural and so easy. If I could rock this look in San Francisco all day long, I would. Too bad this look is only fitting for a nice beach day.

6. Daytime Glam – On occasion you do have to dress up and look fabulous during the day. I’m not talking day time chic while going about your daily routine, I’m talking maybe a girl’s boozy brunch at a fancy spot, a Sunday Funday with friends, a wedding, a shower, or an extravagant day trip with the hubby. These are the occasions when you want to amp up your daytime look a bit. As I get older, I am loving red more and more. It’s sophisticated and bold in a beautiful confidant way. Find your favorite red outfit and wear it a lot. Go a bit heavier on the eyes by adding some dark liquid eyeliner, and a darker shadow like dark grey or plum. Add some powder to lighten up your complexion and throw on a bold dress and your instant glam look is complete.

7. Playful in Pink – Bring back the 20’s in you and go for pink hues for this youthful look. There is something so fun and playful when it comes to pink, but it’s important to choose the right pink hue for your lips and blend some into your shadow, too. Foundation and a creamy coral blush is also great for this look. Smoothing out the skin with some foundation will add to the youthful look you are going for covering any lines or wrinkles you may want to hide. Put on a flirty skater dress that flares out, something short but not too form fitting so are still comfortable, and feel young again with this look!


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