Top 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Fitness Lover

V-Day is a great day to show the fitness lover in your life how much you care. There are several gift ideas that will do just that!

1. Yoga mat. Bonus points if it has a fun, unique pattern or type on it!

Yoga Mat

2. Pack of resistance bands. These are great to take with you when traveling and want to be able to work out. You can always find a place to tube walk!

Resistance bands

3. Reusable Water Bottle. There are so many great water bottles out there that can be reused, travel well, and help the environment by reducing plastic waste. 

water bottle

4. Personalized Gym Towels. Show your partner you care by getting them  personalized towels they can keep in their gym bag. 

gym towels

5. Wireless headphones. Everyone knows exercise is way better when there’s great music in the background! 

wireless headphones

6. Sneakers. One can never have to many pairs of sneakers.


7. Fun Workout Leggings. Exercising is way more fun when you feel good about how you look!


8. Run Belt. Perfect for the runner in your life..stash your phone, money, keys and take off running.

Run belt

9. Gym Bag. A stylish, functional gym bag helps getting to the gym that much easier!

gym bag

10. Jewelry pouch. Perfect for keeping jewelry safe when stashed in a gym bag. 

Jewelry pouch

11. Socks! Especially ones with cute messages. You could even design a pair with your own personalized love message. 


12. Healthy Cookbook. Perfect for the two of you to use together to maintain your healthy lifestyle. 


13. Fitness tracker. Any fitness junkie knows how important it is monitor things like heart rate, steps taken, etc. There are so many great options now for fitness trackers!  

fitness tracker

14. Bath salts for recovery. There’s nothing better than a nice, rejuvenating bath after an intense workout. 

bath salts

15. Tiger balm for sore muscles.. and a good back massage!

Tiger balm

These gifts are sure to bring a smile to your fitness lovers face. Happy shopping!


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