Top 10 Ugi Ball Exercises to Washboard Abs

Ugi ball is a modern twist on the medicine ball  challenging the exerciser to use entire muscle groups at one time. This weighted workout ball (in 6, 8, 10 and 12-lb. versions) provides a total-body “express” workout with 30 moves in 30 minutes.

Ugi ball workout  can help you improve your cardiostrength and core stability in one half hour session.

One Leg Ugi Crunch: Lie flat on mat or ground with legs straight on floor and arms behind head holding onto Ugi ball, bring one knee in to chest while raising torso, crunching abs and bringing the ball over knee towards feet, then reverse movements bringing leg back to ground and  ball back overhead. Continue these movements alternating legs for each rep.

Burpee Side Plank: Hold the ball in front of you, squat down and jump up while bringing the ball into the air above your head. Put the ball down next you on the ground with your hands on it. Jump into the side plank and then jump back. Grab the ball and repeat to the other side. When you’re in the side plank, try to keep your core tight and your body in one straight line.

Ugi Ball Lunge: Put the ball on the ground in front of you. Start with your right foot and place it on the ball so you’re balanced. Then lunge forward, but do not allow your knee to quite touch the ground. Use your arms or a wall beside you for balance if you’re a beginner. This exercise really activates your core.

Reptile Butt Lift: Get into push-up position with both feet on the ball. Star with your right leg and do reptile (bring your knee up towards your elbow) and the leg lift (straight leg back out and lift into air). Lower leg down and alternate the sides.

90-Degree Crunch: Put the ball on your shin bones and lay down. Have lower legs raised so that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle (hence the name). Stretch your arms out into a “T” position and crunch upwards. Your goal is to touch the ball with your hands every time.

Ugi Crab: Put your hands on the ball behind you and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Keep your abs tight. Kick your leg up so that your knee is almost hitting your chest. Using the ball forces all of the stabilizing muscles to work overtime because it’s hard to balance.

Wood Chops: Squat down and put the ball on the ground next to your foot. Touch the ground and then swing the ball up with your arms extended over your opposite shoulder. Bring the ball back down to the ground next to your starting foot. Do maximum reps on this side and then alternate to the other side.

Ugi Climber: Put your hands on the ball. Start with one leg in front of the other and jump to switch positions. The goal is to do maximum reps and keep your core tight.

3 Duck Under Ugi Burpee: Holding Ugi in front of you take a big step to the side while simultaneously bending torso and bringing upper body down low as if ducking under something. Place your weight on the foot taking the big step to side and bring your other foot in so that you are standing a wide step away from where you started, then repeat the movements stepping and ducking low back going back to your start position. Do a 3rd duck just like the first one and this time place Ugi on the ground and do an Ugi burpee, by placing hands on Ugi, jumping back into plank and with hands supported on Ugi, do a push up, then jump legs in, and lift Ugi up high overhead and back to ground.

Double One Leg Push Up Ugi Burpees: Start with Ugi just in front of you. Squat down and place hands on Ugi, jump feet back, lift one leg, lifting it high or crossing the other and do a push up, Put that leg down onto ground and lift the other, lifting high or crossing other leg and do another push up, put leg back on ground in plank and then jump in legs and stand lifting Ugi up high overhead and back to ground. This is one rep.

You will be grateful when this gets over.


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