International Woman’s Day Celebrates, The Best Sex Toys For Women

International Woman’s Day Celebrates, The Best Sex Toys For Women

International Women’s Day is just around
the corner, March 8th. Why not treat yourself on this special day to
one of the most popular sex toys for the ladies. We
have compiled a list of popular sex toys for
over the last decade. How many are you aware of, and how many have
you tried?


Aptly named, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral
Stimulator gives women the power to enjoy intense and multiple orgasms in the
palm of their hand. It uses pressure waves to create powerful and focused
stimulation in the clitoral area, with actually touching the clitoris. The
waves are focused on to the nerves around the clitoris by the soft opened
nozzle and pulse for a truly unique sensation. With state-of-the-art vacuum
technology, this toy offers a unique feeling that that will soon become your
best friend.


International Woman’s Day Celebrates, The Best Sex Toys For Women

The Womaniser is also a clitoral stimulator
and operates similarly to the Satisfyer. They both use innovative air wave
technology to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. This reduces the
chance of hypersensitivity and overstimulation. While both the Satisfyer Pro 2
and the Womaniser are very similar, the Womaniser has been around for a longer,
is smaller and slightly better in my opinion, but it also has a higher price

Swipe Right For This Vibe!

We-Vibe is a well-known brand for couples
vibrators, designed to be used during intercourse. But did you know they also
make women’s sex toys? Their Jive vibrator is designed for G-spot stimulation
and can be worn for extended periods – such as when you are partying on the
dance floor. It is controlled by a smart phone app so you can feel the music
intensely, or even have it controlled by a long-distance lover. An then they
have a large range of clitoral vibrators. Check out the huge range from We-Vibe
this International Women’s Day.

Get In Shape With Kegel Balls         

International Woman’s Day Celebrates, The Best Sex Toys For Women

Also known as Ben Wa Balls, kegel balls have
been around for centuries. They are used by inserting them into the vagina and
using the pubococcygeus or pelvic floor muscles to hold them in, tightening and
strengthening the vagina walls, which improves sexual performance. Unlike the
ancient version, todays kegel balls often come with vibrations and remote
controls or even smart phone apps, so when you have finished your kegel
exercises, you can have some fun!

Reliable Rabbit

There are a million rabbit vibrators out there for women. With good reason. They are wonderful! Gone are the days of a lifeless solid dildo, or your fingers. Now you can enjoy the amazing inventions of vibrations to reach O-land. Keep in mind that usually with adult sex toys, you get what you pay for. If its cheap, then you are probably only going to get a few goes with it, and it will probably be a mediocre motor, but if that is enough for you, then go for it. If you want some thing with powerful vibrations, maybe two or three motors to tingle all your spots at once, and ergonomically designed for comfort and reaching those deep places, then don’t be afraid to hand over some coin for a good design. A shaft that vibrates, and maybe also thrusts is a good start. Add a rabbit that vibrates and tickles, or a wheel that simulates multiple licking tongues and you will see why a rabbit vibrator is always the most popular women’s sex toy.

Vibrating Panties

International Woman’s Day Celebrates, The Best Sex Toys For Women

Vibrating panties are great for couples to
play with, but there’s no reason you can’t have fun on your own with the latest
technology in adult sex toys. Whether you choose a simple remote control, or a
smart phone app version, try completing your normal activities with a wearable
egg or kegel ball, vibrating panties, or wearable vibrator. Imagine how much
better grocery shopping will be, how intense a movie in the dark will become
(especially the love scenes), or even yoga. Why not wear them on a Tinder date
to get you into the mood, or just wear it to work to make the day more

Put a pep in your step and a smile on your dial
on March 8 this year for International Women’s Day. Do it for yourself. Do it
for your partner. Do it for all the women around the world. And do it, well,
just because it feels so amazing!


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