5 Tips To Develop Toned Legs!

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Develop strong, lean and toned legs with these 5 tips that are easier than you may think!

While we will be focusing mainly on the legs in this article, it is important to note that to achieve that toned look, fat from your legs must be reduced. 

As you may know from my article here we cannot spot reduce fat, we must remember to work our entire body.

Once the fat reduces, the jiggling and excess fat that is covering your muscles will be gone leaving that developed toned look.

In this workout, we’ve chosen 6 of the best exercises to get lean and toned legs. You’ll be doing these moves to put on plenty of muscle, yet following a fast-paced routine that raises your heart rate and burns fat.

Now that you have the workout, it is important to consider the following topics to get the most out of your workout and keep the routine going!

1. Join a gym

BEFORE you join the gym though, consider where it is located. Is it on the way home? Is it in an area where you spend a lot of time? If you have to pass the gym regularly, it will make it MUCH easier to stay motivated to go there. These clutch fitness quotes will also help as motivation so set one of them as your phone background or pin them up somewhere to keep them front of mind. 

2. Mix it up

Far too often I see people doing exercise that they dislike or they do the same workout every day. Try something that gets you out of your comfort zone and mix it up. Some examples: Yoga, dance class, spin class, row class, boxing class, walking in new areas or swimming.

Dunnebells Personal training

3. Get a trainer

Consider working with a trainer or join an online program/challenge. Why? Studies show that the #1 reason people are not successful in achieving their fitness goals is due to lack of accountability. Stay on track with this important puzzle piece and LOVE your results.

4. Goals

Recently in my article 3 goals NOT related to weight loss I provided you with some action items to put into motion. However, the main thing that will help you here is how you set your goals. Make them specific and relative. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight” change that to “I want to lose 10lbs so I can look great and feel confident in my bikini when I go to Mexico in February”. Simply by changing the wording and getting specific you instantly increase your chances of staying on track and hitting your goals! 

5. Be patient

Sit down. Be humble. Be KIND to yourself. Miss a workout? That is okay. Ate McDonalds? No sweat! None of this means it is game over. Get right back on track and crush it! If you would like some help on how to train your mindset to be more kind, have a read of this.

Dunnebells Personal training

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