The 20 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

No one can deny the fact that social networks play an essential role in the modern world. It serves as a platform for communicating ideas, sharing and learning information, running a business and exploring the world. An especially young generation has become quite addicted to such social networks as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Youngsters grow passive and virtual world means for them more than reality.


Fitness on Instagram

Fitness accounts are among those that managed to capture Instagram. However, not every trainer will succeed in promoting his/her page. Only those that devote their time, energy and efforts to something they genuinely love will come off with true success. 

  • Maik Wiedenbach – Instagram page: @maikwiedenbach, 38,200 followers

Maik Wiedenbach

Maik is an NYC top trainer and an example for those, who do not believe that they can be in shape in their 40s. Olympic athlete and musclemania champion, who is working on being the best father that he can be.

  • SuzieB Fittness LLC – Internet page: @suzie_kb, 810,000 fans

Her profile is full of videos on how to train back, legs, arms and so on. Moreover, she cares if people do it right or wrong, so she has a lot of instructions and videos on how to train correctly. Here you can also find out about a balanced diet and healthy eating.

  • Tara Crosley – Instagram page: @tcrosleyfit, 154,000 followers

Tara is 21 years old, and she is from Boulder. She is a great inspiration for those who want to build up muscles and create a beautiful body shape. “Be the energy you want to attract” – is the main ruler in her life.

  • Valentina Lequeux – Internet profile: @valentinalequeux  1.1 million people who follow her

Valentina Lequeux

Valentina is VPX Elite and Bombshell Sportswear Athlete. Her posts are very informative and program helpful. In addition, on her page, you will find proper nutrition in order to progress in the gym.

  • Caterina Ruberto – Instagram account: @caterina_ruberto, 15,200 fans

Oxygen Cover girl, Fitness Mag Cover girl, coach and athlete will tell you about silent ingredients that prevent fat loss. Besides, when reading her posts, you can find the necessary motivation to start attending the gym.

Motivation for Teenagers

Parents face challenges when it comes to motivation of their children. Here are five fitness accounts that may help them motivate your teen.

  • Mari Fitness – Instagram account:  @marillewellyn, 262,000 followers;
  • Melissa Alcantara – Instagram page: @fitgurlmel, 439,000 fans;

Melissa Alcantara

  • Jessica Beniquez – Instagram account: @getfitwjessica, 450, followers;
  • Rachelle Bulbulian – Instagram account: @rachellesjourney_, 91,000 followers;
  • Alice Clare – Internet account: @aliceblows, 118,000 fans.

These pages belong to stout-hearted people who have made a long body transformation journey. You may find here inspiration, motivation, and support. Their stories are worth being heard and watched. Such profiles are especially valued by teenagers because these bloggers show significant changes in their physical and spiritual change. It often happens that children find real role models.


Yoga is a type of fitness training that does not involve any weight lifting or cardio. It is based on stretching balance and flexibility. Its aim is to find a connection between your mind and body.

These are the most inspirational yoga profiles:

  • Patrick Beach – Internet page: @patrickbeach, 385,000 followers

Patrick shares his life teaching yoga and owns a yoga studio in Los Angeles.

  • SeanP Helps Yoga – Instagram account: @seanhelpsyoga, 187,000 followers

Sean works as a hairstylist and as the yoga teacher in Los Angeles. His profile on Instagram is not only full of inspiration but also full of aesthetic enjoyment.

  • Carmen Aguilar – Instagram account: @cyogalife, 271,000 followers

Carmen Aguilar

Carmen teaches yoga postures and writes about it in details on her page. Besides, she gives online yoga classes too.

  • Milena & Jelena Aleksic – Instagram page: @aleksic_twins, 53,300 followers

Twin sisters are both certified acro yoga teachers. They are artists, photography and animal lovers.

  • Stela Sulzdorf – online page: @stelasulzdorf, 30,700 followers

She is trying to be her best self. Yoga in pretty places is her jam. This woman shares her practice on and off the mat.


Swimming is perfectly suitable for those, who prefer sweating in a gym to cool water in a swimming pool. This kind of fitness involves all muscles as well as usual workout. Here are five compelling accounts, that promote swimming.

  • Quentin Jolly – Instagram page: @quentin_jolly._, 10, 700 followers.

Quentin is a French swimmer, who enjoys what he is doing and posts about it on his account.  Union Saint-Bruno swimmer.

  • Julie C Kamat – online account: @summerjulep, 33,600 followers.


Julie is US Masters Swimmer. She was in the Top 10 2017 USMS. Her account is a great motivation and inspiration.

  • Facu Miguelena – Instagram page: @facumiguelena, 6,600 followers.

Facu is a well-known Argentine swimmer, multiple national swimming champions. In addition, he is pilot and works a lifeguard.

  • Evelyn Verraszto – Instagram account:@evelynverraszto, 19,200 followers.

Evelyn is European swimmer champion, four times Olympian. She shows remarkable perseverance and diligence during training. Besides, Evelyn is a true fashion lover.

  • Tamas Kenderesi – Internet account: @tamaskenderesi, 44,500 followers.

Tamas is one of the famous Hungarian swimmers, Olympic and European bronze medalist. On his profile, he shows not only the path of his swimmer career but also his life.

Find the most inspiring fitness blogger right now, follow him or her, and start changing your life into becoming a great sportsman or sportswoman.

These channels do not buy Instagram Followers which is a common trend these days.


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