Can You Be Fit While Regularly Consuming Fast Food?

Fast food is often associated with poor eating habits and choices. It is a no-no for anyone who tries to achieve a healthy body. It is stereotyped to be oily, greasy, salty and filled with preservatives. In other words, it’s unlikely to be the choice if you want to be fit. It is possible to find fast food that can be healthy. There are exceptions. You can find fast food that is not flooded with sodium, artificial flavors, and chemicals that are damaging to the body. 

consuming fast food

Fit while consuming fast food

It’s important to emphasize that the point of this post is the possibility of staying fit while still consuming fast food. It’s not about exclusively consuming fast food and staying fit at the same time. By definition, fast food has less nutrition and is prepared in ways that make it unhealthy. It is loaded with lots of preservatives and artificial flavoring. Hence, it’s going to be virtually impossible to be fit by only consuming this kind of food.

consuming fast food

There are companies that provide meal delivery services similar to fast food. However, if they are delivering healthy gourmet food, the kind of food they are serving cannot be considered fast food. Specially prepared gourmet foods are not mass-produced food and don’t exactly fit the definition of what fast food is. 

All about balance

You can regularly consume fast food and not become unhealthy. The operative word here is “can”. It is possible to eat fast food on a daily basis and remain healthy provided that you do it in moderation and you make sensible choices. Fast food can fill your need for calories so it’s not necessarily bad. You need to strike a balance, though.

It would be good feeling guilty about eating fast food for the day as this can motivate you to make up for it by eating something healthy later on. If you consumed something high in sodium and oil for lunch, get something rich in fiber, nutritious, and detoxifying for your next meal. You may want to limit your dinner later on to a vegetable salad with very minimal dressing. Consume a lot of water and avoid sugary drinks. Manage your alcohol intake. 

consuming fast food

Also, you can counter your fast food consumption with exercise or physical activity. Burn away the calories you ingested by doing a moderate jog or by bicycling for a few kilometers. Do physical activities that will make you burn calories and sweat at the same time. The physical exertion will make you burn calories and at the same time induce perspiration, which greatly helps in draining excess sodium and toxins from your body.

Again, this post does not intend to say that it’s okay to regularly eat fast food. As much as possible, you should be eating healthy food. However, there are ways to mitigate the ill effects of fast food consumption. If you can’t really stop yourself from eating fast food, make sure you are careful with your fast food choices and that you balance it with healthy food and physical activity.


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