Beauty & Fashion Decoded! By Supermodel Julia Pereira

Julia pereira

Ever wondered what makes these models look beautiful and ever glowing! Brazilian Supermodel Julia Pereira answers all your questions as she decodes her beauty and fashion secrets to Women Fitness’ President Namita Nayyar!


What is your skin type and what kind of products do you use for summers?


My skin type is a combination of normal and dry so I use different products on my face depending on the zone. I use a hydrating and firming cream around my eyes and a cream for sensitive skin in my face then I apply a sunscreen with high UVB and UVA filters.

Sometimes I use lightweight fluid face tinted sunscreen cause it protects even more and hides small imperfections.


Do you like wearing false eyelashes?


I love fake eyelashes but I wear it only in special occasions such as big events and in a photoshoot or in TV appearences. I think it gives a special glam look but I always choose the ones that have natural look and blends seamlessly into my own eyelashes.


Your favorite cosmetic product ? Which one you cannot live without?

Julia pereira


First of all, a lip balm. I have several from many expensive brands but I have to tell you that my favorite is Vaseline lip therapy. You can find it even in supermarkets and have great price. I have it close to my bed, in my car and my bag. Don’t leave without it.

-Weleda baby derma as a face cream.

-Shower oil by L’occitane (Almond oil). I use it everyday during shower. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin and has a great scent.

-Not Your Mother’s volumizing hair spray. It is great to add volume.

-Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution, makeup remover. Perfect for sensitive skin and remove even heavy makeup.

-Radiance – Plus Golden Glow Booster from Clarins as a self tanner.

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