8 Body Positive Tips To Dress Up

Body Positive Tips

At some time or the other we land up in a situation when we are unable to decide what to wear.

  1.  What’s Your Style: The very first question to ask yourself is what is your style? If the answer is I don’t know, dig a little bit deeper with these questions!
    Do you prefer style over comfort, or comfort over style?
    Do you prefer more dressed up or more casual styles?
    Do you consider yourself trendy, or do you like fashions that will last longer?
  2.  What’s Your Favorite Colors: Part of finding your style is finding colors you just adore! (and of course colors you can’t stand) Have fun with colours! Finding your favorite colors will also find fun ways to put those colors in your clothes and accessories.
  3.  What’s Your Favorite Feature: Finding fashion that you love isn’t about covering up your body and hiding your flaws€. It’s about accentuating the body parts that you love. At first, there may not be many of them, but be kind to yourself. Just pick one! Find a style that accentuates that part of your body and compliment yourself when you rock your awesome!

Body Positive Tips

  1.  What Makes You Feel Fabulous: When you try on a new piece of clothes, be kind to yourself. Don’t instantly look for flaws. If you turned off your self critic for just a second, would you feel fabulous in that piece of clothing? If the answer is heck yeah! That is the piece for you. If not, keep looking! You will find something that you love sometimes it just takes time.
  2.  What Would You Pick If No One Else Cared: This is a tricky one, and a great body positive way to get to know yourself. If no one else in the world cared what you looked like, what would you pick? This is a really weird question when you first start asking it, but trust me it is magical. The more you ask yourself this question, the more your self critic shuts the heck up and you can find your favorite styles.
  3.  What Fashion Do You Love: There must have been many times when you looked in a fashion magazine and seen an outfit that you loved, but just thought I can’t wear that! It would look awful on my body?  Dare to throw that last thought out the window, It’s OK if you won’t look like the model in the magazine, but who does. The model in the magazine also doesn’t look that way without photoshop. If you love something, try it! Make it your own version! Don’t expect to look like someone else’s body, because you don’t have their body you have your beautiful body and it’s OK to rock it!

Body Positive Tips

  1.  Look for that One Piece You Couldn’t Live Without: Look at your wardrobe right now. What’s the one piece in there that you couldn’t live without? What do you love about it? Is it amazingly comfortable? Does it make you feel sassy? Think about that, and try to find that feeling in a new piece but be a little bit bolder! Have fun with it!
  2.  What Looks Good On Your Body Type: The all powerful question, what looks good on your body? Want the body positive answer? Do you feel amazing when you put it on?  There is no right or wrong€ fashion for your body. If it makes you feel amazing, and it helps express who you are, then it’s the piece for you.

Mix and match to dress up or dress down for a more casual look.



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