7 Fitness Hacks That Every Time-Crunched Woman Should Know

So little time, so many adorable dresses to fit into. When you want to get the biggest bang for your buck with your fitness routine, you’ve got to turn to some best-practices from the trenches. These are hacks that will make getting fit and looking your best easier – for even the busiest woman alive.


1.  H.I.I.T. it. When you’re crunched on time, there’s nothing like a good H.I.I.T. workout to push you to your limits, and troch massive calories in as few as 20 minutes. Just be sure you are pushing yourself as hard as you can and giving quality effort throughout those twenty Minutes, and you might say goodbye to the hour-long treadmill routine forever. A single 20-minute H.I.I.T. workout can burn up to 400 calories, while an hour-long treadmill workout might only burn 250 calories. The results are simply priceless and you get them in less than half the time.

morning workout 

2.  Do your workout as soon as you wake up. There are going to be dozens of people vying for your time and attention the minute you step out of your house in the morning. Make your workout a priority and get it out of the way first thing. Morning workouts also tend to give you a boost of energy so that you can handle daily challenges that arise off the workout mat.

 grocery shopping

3.  Sneak it in. Are you standing in line at the grocery store? Suck in your stomach as hard as you can. Count to ten and release. Repeat. Try some calf raises, or stretch a little. Every minute counts, so use them to get more fit when you are doing mundane things.


4.  Commute by foot. Do you live close enough to the office that you can walk or bike? You’d be surprised how fit you can get just biking or walking to work daily. It might even be faster than sitting in traffic. A five-mile bike commute for example, can burn an extra 150-200 calories daily. That’s a 1000 calories a week!

 workout with friends

5.  Kick it with your friends. When you are trying to decide if you’ll have time to hang out with friends this week or get your workouts in, maybe change up your socialization routine. Instead of heading to happy hour, invite your friends to a workout with you. Spin, dance, walk, run. It doesn’t matter. You can catch up after you’ve caught your breath – and feel great knowing you just torched some calories while talking up the latest gossip.

 Non-surgical liposuction

6.  Go cosmetic. No matter how hard you work, out, sometimes you need a little extra help. Some fat stores, especially after pregnancy, or yo-yo dieting can be hard to dissolve. Non-surgical liposuction is also a great option for this problem. You can schedule an appointment in the morning, have your fat cells in stubborn places frozen, and watch those problem-areas improve day after day, thereafter. Cryo-therapies require no incision or anesthesia, so they’re as easy to do as a facial.

plan your workouts

7.  Plan Your workout the night before. If you know you are heading to the gym after work tomorrow, pack up your gym bag and put in in your car tonight so that you won’t forget it. It’s one less thing to keep you from getting your sweat on.

These fitness hacks may not seem like much, but every mountain climbed is done one step at a time. Apply these hacks today and watch just how fit you can get.


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