A Back Packers Guide To Staying Healthy

I am currently 3 weeks into the trip of a lifetime travelling around Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Even after an intense travel regime consisting of flights, boat trips, bus’s and one very strange moped journey on the back of a local Vietnamese man named hung (who went on to steal my beats headphones). I am feeling very healthy and happy in my skin.

For so many people including me in the past it is so easy to absolutely train your arse off for months to get that perfect bikini body and then dive head first into ‘holiday mode’ and have eaten 5 different cuisines, done 3 laps of the breakfast buffet and eaten all your partners leftovers by Day 2.

However, it really doesn’t need to be like that. Over indulging in a way your body isn’t used to can leave you feeling sluggish and can wipe out all that hard work to the point where you don’t even feel like getting in your bikini pictures.

Now of course I’m not suggesting you diet your way through your holiday but I have a few tips to help you feel fit and healthy throughout your trip whilst still having a cheat day or two!

Exercise – obviously I’m not suggesting you go and sit in the gym whilst everyone else drinks pinacoladas as the sun goes down but consciously doing just 20 minutes of light exercise a day can really counteract those extra calories and keep your muscle form through-out your trip. My best options have been swimming, kayaking or some form of water activity like a pedalow. Going out for long walks down the beach or through the towns. Or if I’ve been too lazy in the day a small 20 minute floor circuit in my room before I get in the shower like squats, hip thrust, triceps etc and if you need a bit of guidance with this download Sworkit – abs and core. This is always a really quick and easy way to get in a bit of core work before the shower and isn’t it Always your belly that needs it most whilst you’re away?!

Ditch the bread – yes you’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. Do your best to avoid over indulging on bread and if you do, go for a healthier option like brown bread or crackers. The odd club sandwich or burger is fine but when you fall into the trap of eating 2 rolls out the bread basket before each meal your going to notice a difference. Fatty carbs are something I really tend to avoid whilst away instead opting for things like sweet Potato or quinoa.

Juice it – I absolutely love taking advantage of all of the tropical fruit when I’m away! I don’t eat nearly enough at home especially where I live alone so every time I buy a big load of fruit half of it ends up going off! If I’m feeling hungry after a long day in the sun but dinner is still far off I will order a nice fresh juice and ask them not to put in extra sugar. Banana and coconut is my favourite but I also take my protein shakes with me so if I can get the waiter to add a scoop of my Herbalife vanilla powder then I will have that to get my nutrient levels up.

Keep hydrated – it’s so important whether at home or away to keep hydrated. The extra heat can really dehydrate you and that is a recipe for disaster on holiday. Make sure you are consciously drinking 2 big bottles a day!

So that’s it, my 4 top tips for maintaining your weight whilst travelling. It’s also really important not to let yourself get too down if you do notice a change in your body. Holidays are things we look forward to all year round and you want to enjoy every second of it! You can always ramp the training back up when your home so don’t let insecurities effect your trip. I had a lot of trolls commenting on my pictures saying I look too slim and I’ve Lost my curves etc. But, obviously with more cardio and less weights my figure is going to alter slightly. I’m not letting the negative comments get to me! I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, enjoying every second of my amazing journey and I’ve got my Pt booked in for the day I land for an intense bum toning session haha!


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