Top 10 International Food Recipes That You Must Try in 2018

Men & Women all over the word are in the look out for new recipes to add variety to their daily diet with added health benefits.

Here we bring you top 10 to try & taste, sure you are bound to love them. Trust me!

1. Pork with Apple Cream Sauce

International Food Recipes

This French Pork recipe is date night perfection!

2. Chole or Chickpea Curry

International Food Recipes

India is famous for a large variety of cuisine. Chole (pronounced as chho-lay) or chickpea curry is  popular in North Indian. You are bound to fall in love with it in first go. Try it with rice or indian breads.

3. Pomegranate Turkey with Roasted Vegetables

International Food Recipes

Pomegranates are commonly found in Turkish cuisine and the seeds add a pop of color and bright flavor to roasted turkey and vegetables.


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