Top Inspirational Quotes To Celebrate Women’s Day

A Woman can prove to be an inspiration for other women, kids & society at large. Why not get inspired by these real superwomen this Women’s Day.

womens day

1. You are a shining star. You have the fire + power within you to make a change in the world. You matter. Be curious. Ask questions. Help others. Believe you can and you will.

Lauren Chiarello, 2 X Cancer Survivor

2. It’s time to step into your power. Own your uniqueness, but understand that we are all a collective humanity. Fill your space and time with love and kindness, instead of judgement towards yourself or others.

Jenay, Welness Blogger

3. Never let fear of what people may think keep you from achieving your own goals. You are stronger than you think.

Cassie Lambert, Army Veteran & Online Trainer

4. We all face different obstacles in life. My advice would be to learn how to make peace with your obstacle and find a way to turn them into something positive. You never know how your positive energy can lift others up. I’ve found that being a living example of what “Strong With Diabetes” can look like has not only helped myself overcome my obstacles but also shown other women that they deserve to be happy and healthy as well, despite their diabetes!

Christel Oerum, Founder – Diabetes Strong

5. Create your own definition of success…You define it! Success will come in all sizes during your journey. Whether the success is small or large, remember to cherish and celebrate it all. Appreciate the struggles and learn from them. Be brave, strong, focused and always cherish those who believe in you no matter what.

Stefani Vara, Recording Artist

6. Always, Always ..listen to your inner voice!! Your gut instinct it is your most powerful resource!!

Corey Phelps, Overcame Hypothyroid

7. Knowledge is power and finding the right guide is the key to navigating pain and dysfunction.

Lauren Ohayon, Mama-preneur

8. Women need to believe in themselves. Don’t get caught up in the discouraging dialogue that sometimes floats around in your head.

Ellen Latham, Founder Orangetheory Fitness

9. Always try to focus on the positive. This applies to every area of your life. Terrible things happen all the time, but that’s the case with everyone. It’s about how you react to those situations; how you take something that could be perceived as a set-back and use it to find strength and happiness.

Dempsey Marks, Fitness Expert

10. As a woman we carry so much on our shoulders. Many of us are the head of our households so the pressure can be challenging. Never be afraid to step away from your daily responsibilities just to take a breather for yourself. You are at your best when you a physically and mentally strong!

Jaz Jackson, Fitness and Beauty Vlogger

Celebrate Women's Day

Check out their entire stories to draw motivation and inspiration from them.

Happy Women’s Day 2020!


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