Top 5 Royals Fitness Secrets Revealed

Every women desires to be lean and fit with well sculpted B’s (breast & butt). The idea extends from watching celebrities and royals who inspite of thier hectic routine are able to squeeze out time for exercise and a healthy diet. Be it, Queen Rania’s secret of looking beautiful, fit and healthy or sport loving princess Alexandra’s way of staying fit. We have for you Top 5 Royal Queen and Princess Fitness secrets uncovered.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah is a mother, a wife, a boss, an advocate, and a humanitarian.

Her Majesty is author of the New York Times Best Seller, ‘The Sandwich Swap’, a children’s story about two young girls, Lily and Salma, who learn the value of diversity by exchanging food at school.

A keen runner, and seeker of good jogging tunes, Queen Rania enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Aqaba, where she can relax and get into a great book. She also makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

She follows the GI diet, i.e Glycemic Index Diet. This diet classifies foods depending on their glycemic Index. The glycemic index has been a popular weight loss tool to help dieters lose weight. Also referred to as the glycemic index diet, GI diet, and low glycemic diet, it is the basis for many popular diet plans, The glycemic index measures carbohydrates. The index is a list of how blood sugar levels rise after you eat a small portion of a carbohydrate food.

All carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels, but the effect varies widely. For example, a glass of orange juice will cause a much quicker rise in blood sugar than a bowl of oatmeal, which takes longer because of the type of carbohydrate and amount of fiber.

The response is affected by many factors, including the quantity of food, the amount and type of carbohydrate, the cooking method, degree of processing, and more.

On the glycemic index scale, each food is assigned an index number from 1-100, with 100 as the reference score for pure glucose. Typically, foods are rated high (greater than 70), moderate (56-69), or low (less than 55).

Queen Rania secret of looking beautiful, fit and healthy is to exercise as running and diet with Glycemic Index Diet.



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