Top 10 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Too much or an overdo in make-up can turn off the opposite sex. Guys appreciate natural beauty and minimum make-up.

Fragrance Overload: When a girl wears a ton of perfume, men find it hard to breathe when around. The best way to neutralize perfume, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and dab it on wherever you have sprayed too much perfume, It will quickly dilute the scent.

Foundation Overdo: Avoid putting layer of foundation, moisturizer or concealer in layers. Just put a layer or two to bring an evenness in the skin tone. Men do not like too much of obvious make up. Stick with a lightweight foundation, remove any obvious makeup with a damp sponge, and dab concealer just over blemishes or redness. Trust me, your man will admire your skin. According to a study by Estée Lauder, up to 77 percent of women wear the wrong color foundation. Experts believe this occurs because many women test foundation on their hands, which are typically a shade or two darker than their faces. When shopping, choose a few colors that seem closest to your natural skin tone and draw stripes along your jawline using a cotton swab.

Spidery Eyelashes:  If you want to apply 2 coats of mascara, do it quickly as once it dries, it’s easy for it to clump on your lashes. When you pull the mascara wand out of the tube, scrape the excess off the end of the tube so you don’t apply too much mascara at once. Throw away your mascara that is more than 3 months old. Remember, mascara gives you a sexy, long-lashed look.

Over Bronzer: Do not apply bronzer all over the face. Apply a darker bronzer just under the cheek bones and a bit on the forehead, or if it’s a lighter colored bronzer, you can apply on top of the cheekbones and down the nose. Make sure your bronzer is just 2 shades darker than your skin- any darker than that, and it starts looking orange and fake. My favorite bronzer is NARS Laguna Bronzer.

Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Yellow-tinged Teeth: Who wants to kiss someone with graying or yellowing teeth? For a bright, white, healthy-looking smile, use a treatment like Luster Now Instant Whitening Toothpaste.

Sticky Lips: The trick to avoiding sticky lips, is to find the correct lip gloss. If it starts dripping down your lips, you know it’s time to back away from the lipgloss tube. In order to avoid this problem, exfoliate your lips regularly (for soft, kissable pout) and chose non-sticky lip gloss formulas.

Stiff Hair: If you overload your hair with hair styling products, such as hair gels and hairsprays, your man, definitely, won’t be able to run his fingers through your locks, which, certainly, can be a big turn off.

Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Smoky-eye: Be careful with smoky eyes , this type of makeup can easily turn into “panda eyes”. According to surveys, many guys consider smoky eyes dreadful, rather than sexy, especially, if it’s done unprofessionally. Wearing “panda” smokey eyes on a first date, almost guarantees you that this date will also be the last one.

Hair Add-ins:  Guys like us to keep things pretty simple. Keep accessories on your handbag and jewelry, and leave the feathers, extensions, tinsel, bells, and whistles to reality-TV celebrities.

Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

Patterned Manicure: If your manicure is black, glittery, glows in the dark, or is any combination thereof, men are intimidated or just kind of freaked out.

Next time you apply make-up make sure to avoid these mistakes.


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