Glamour & Fitness Model Charlee Carlton Spills Her Fitness, Diet & Fashion Tips!

The stunning Charlee is an International Fitness & Glamour model, having appeared on covers of top magazines and recently being shot by award winning fitness photographer James Patrick. With a following of more than 100,000 followers on her Instagram account, she is a fitness and fashion enthusiast, who loves to share her tips with her fans.

Women Fitness recently caught up with her to talk about her fitness routine, diet plans and summer fashion tips for 2018!

Photographer: James Patrick
Workout Routine

I do a lot of weights to build lean muscle… lots of reps with low weight. I alternate between weights, cardio, and a mix of Yoga and Pilates. I do weights 3 days a week, cardio on 2 days, and Pilates/Yoga on the last 2 days.

Since sticking to a strict diet and workout regimen I have had so much more energy which I need because I am in graduate school full-time, work as an advocate full-time, a full-time single mother, and a print model.

I know that without my routine I would not have the energy to travel for my shoots and excel in my other careers.

Photographer: James Patrick
Diet & Cheat Meal

I eat a diet that consists of mainly lean protein with healthy carbohydrates, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. As for the lean proteins, I stick to fish, grilled chicken, eggs, and lean beef. I keep dark chocolate in stock in case I get cravings. I think that it’s important to satisfy cravings in moderation to prevent binges.

Summer Trends 2018
Photographer: James Patrick

For summer 2018 I recommend cute/colorful jumpsuits in pastel hues and shorts suits, clean and simple denim is always my go to as well. I love distressed denim! Pairing distressed denim cutoffs with a button down or t-shirt is perfect and classic for summer. Cowboy boots are also a big trend right now and look so cute when paired with a sundress.


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